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Death toll nears 200 in listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

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South African officials say an outbreak of listeriosis has killed 172 people since the start of 2017. It is the world’s largest reported Listeria outbreak. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases said 915 cases of listeriosis had been confirmed since Jan. 1, 2017. Early last month, only 61 deaths had been confirmed. Listeriosis is caused by...


Trump comments points to deep divisions over arming teachers

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Teachers wondered about scenarios in which they could face shooters on a hectic campus — or even, potentially, draw a gun to confront an armed and dangerous student.


Biosensors will be inexpensive, do more, go everywhere

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When it comes to biometric sensors, human skin isn't an ally but an obstacle. A new article examines the promise and pitfalls ahead for the biosensor industry.

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New DNA wires are 100 times more sensitive than other biosensors

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Scientists have reported a nanoengineering innovation that offers hope for treatment of cancer, infections and other health problems – conductive wires of DNA enhanced with gold which could be used to electrically measure hundreds of biological processes simultaneously.


Source of world’s biggest listeria outbreak still unknown

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There have been almost 750 cases of listeriosis in South Africa so far, and the source of the food poisoning infection remains unknown


Meltdown and Spectre FAQ: How the critical CPU flaws affect PCs and Macs

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Massive security vulnerabilities in modern CPUs are forcing a redesign of the kernel software at the heart of all major operating systems. Since the issues—dubbed Meltdown and Spectre—exist in the CPU hardware itself, Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, Chromebooks, and other operating systems all need to protect against the first exploits that have begun circulating. And worse, plugging the hole can negatively affect your PC’s performance.
Everyday home users shouldn’t panic too much, though some proof-of-concept exploits are being circulated in the field. Just apply all—well, most—available updates and keep vigilant, as ever. If you want to dive right into the action without all the background information, we’ve also created a focused guide on .


US Secret Service denies China nuclear football 'skirmish'

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The US Secret Service denied Monday reports that one of its agents and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wrestled with Chinese security officials over the "nuclear football" during President Donald Trump's visit to Beijing in November. Chinese security officials blocked the US military aide carrying the briefcase that carries the procedures and communications equipment that allow the US leader to launch nuclear missiles as the official entered the Great Hall, according to the Axios news website. Then there was a commotion as Kelly got all the US officials accompanying the president to move toward the site of the nuclear football, Axios said, citing five unnamed sources familiar with the events.


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