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White House military personnel removed amid probe into contacts with foreign women during Trump's Asia trip

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November 22, 2017 9:38 AM
WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) - Three military personnel have been reassigned from their White House jobs amid allegations that they had improper contact with foreign women while travelling with President Donald Trump on his recent trip to Asia, according to officials familiar with the situation.

President Trump Puts His Indifference To The Environment On Hold For Elephants

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WASHINGTON — Two weeks after signing executive orders to push forward the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, President Donald Trump told a group of county sheriffs gathered for a White House roundtable that he didn’t think the projects were controversial.


Sarah Sanders Asks Press To Say What They're Thankful For Before Questions

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The Thanksgiving holiday spirit took a bit of a strident twist during Monday’s press briefing by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


Russia probe: Donald Trump supporter says he would believe US President over Jesus

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A Donald Trump voter has said he would believe the US president over Jesus Christ, amid the Russia collusion claims, even if the Messiah “got off the cross” and said the allegations were true. Pest control company owner Mark Lee threw his support behind the White House chief, whom he said stood up for the “little guy”, as he took part as a panellist in a CNN debate on the matter. Mr Trump has been fighting off claims that officials in his election campaign had reached out to Moscow to dig up “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, his then rival last year for the Oval Office job.

White House military personnel removed amid investigation into contacts with foreign women during Trump’s Asia trip

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Three Army noncommissioned officers allegedly broke curfew during the president’s visit to Vietnam.


Trump transgender and immigration policies meet legal defeat

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Judges block White House policies on so-called sanctuary cities and transgender service personnel.


Trump says he can't reverse Obama's turkey pardons: 'Tater and Tot, you can rest easy'

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President Donald Trump has joked that that he cannot revoke former President Barack Obama’s turkey pardons. It is an annual Thanksgiving tradition for the President to “pardon” the White House turkey. Last year, Mr Obama pardoned a pair of birds named Tater and Tot.

The real story behind the presidential turkey pardon

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The presidential pardon of the Thanksgiving turkey has become an annual event, but the peace between the fowl and the White House is a relatively thing. And in fact, a few presidents actually ate their guests!


‘Hi, Drumstick.’ President Trump Pardons a Turkey, and Likes It.

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At the annual White House ritual, Mr. Trump relishes his powers of clemency as Thanksgiving approaches. A large turkey is grateful.


AT&T-Time Warner deal to prevail, analysts predict

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But the US government's lawsuit to block the merger sparks concerns the White House is trying to hurt Time Warner's CNN.


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