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AP Exclusive: Migrant recounts his deportation from Israel

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KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Inside the immigration office in Tel Aviv, Yohannes Tesfagabr considered his options. He could not return to Eritrea, a country he risked his life to flee in 2010. He hoped to avoid the fate of compatriots who languished in a desert jail for illegally staying in Israel.


African migrants start hunger strike over Israel expulsion

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Hundreds of African migrants launched a hunger strike to protest Israel's implementation of its controversial policy to expel or indefinitely imprison them, a spokesman for the group said Wednesday. Israel has resolved to expel thousands of Eritreans and Sudanese who entered illegally over the years, giving them an ultimatum to leave or risk being imprisoned indefinitely. As the migrants could face danger or imprisonment if returned to their homelands, Israel is offering to relocate them to an unnamed third country, which the migrants and aid workers say is Rwanda or Uganda.


26 Congolese refugees die of diarrhoea in Uganda

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552 diarrhoea cases identified as refugees continue to flee inter-ethnic violence in DRC's Ituri province.


Industry Experts Forecast the Futures of 5 Awards-Season Favorites

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While this has been an undeniably weird year for Hollywood, there’s one familiar element: a bumper crop of breakout talent. The diversity of this group — from a Pakistani stand-up comic to a London-born actor of Ugandan heritage — is especially welcome and raises the question: So, what’s next? We ...


'I knew I had to get out' of DR Congo

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The crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo has produced millions of refugees. Some are finding sanctuary in Uganda.

Uganda's Bwindi Lodge Completes Renovation

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Guest spaces and accommodations have been fully upgraded.

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DRC violence risks 'spreading' as 22,000 flee in a week

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UN warns ethnic fighting that has forced tens of thousands to seek shelter in neighbouring Uganda 'may spread further'.

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