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Jaguars now must put pieces around Blake Bortles

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Now that the Jaguars have committed to Blake Bortles they need to put more talent around him, primarily at wide receiver and tight end.


Ancient black holes ruled out as source of all dark matter

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One way to solve the dark matter problem is to chalk it up to black holes formed moments after the big bang, but they can’t account for all the dark matter


Lisa Marie Presley accuses former business manager of squandering her fortune

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Ex-manager Barry Siegel insists the rocker's spending is to blame for her financial problems.


Lisa Marie Presley Sues Ex-Manager for Blowing Her Fortune (UPDATE)

Added: 22.02.2018 18:31 | 0 views | 0 comments

2:46 PM -- Lisa's ex-manager in a separate lawsuit says Lisa "refused to listen to the warnings of her most trusted advisers and her family. Unfortunately, she now has only herself to blame for her financial and personal misfortunes." Lisa Marie...


'Mad' Mike's rocket mission to check if Earth is flat

Added: 22.02.2018 16:29 | 0 views | 0 comments

A US rocket enthusiast is looking to blast himself into outer space to test an age-old theory.


Parkland paranoia: Why is the far right obsessed with George Soros?

Added: 22.02.2018 5:00 | 0 views | 0 comments

Parkland kids are shifting the conversation on gun violence — and the right tries to blame a Jewish billionaire


Malcolm X: From Nation of Islam to Black Power Movement

Added: 21.02.2018 7:29 | 0 views | 0 comments

Civil rights leader Malcolm X was assassinated in New York on February 21, 1965. This is his story.


Fareed Zakaria: Why guns are to blame

Added: 20.02.2018 21:25 | 0 views | 0 comments

Fareed breaks down why he believes the number of guns, not mental illness, is to blame for high rates of gun violence in the U.S.


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