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[Ticker] MEPs approve anti-smuggling bill on tobacco

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An attempt by left-wing French MEP Younous Omarjee to have the environment and health committee reject a draft bill implementing a 'track-and-trace' system for tobacco products failed on Tuesday. The proposal to veto the bill was supported by only seven MEPs, with 45 MEPs rejecting the veto, and one abstaining. Anti-smuggling expert Luk Joossens recently told EUobserver the draft bill had some flaws, .

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Farm sunshine, not cancer: Replacing tobacco fields with solar arrays

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Researchers contend that tobacco farmers could increase profits by converting their land to solar farms, which in turn provides renewable energy generation.


Lung cancer screening could save money as well as lives, research shows

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Lung cancer screening programs should target high-risk people and identify other tobacco-related conditions, suggests a new report.


For the Kids: Yamaha Unveils New YZ65 MXer

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For the Kids: Yamaha Unveils New YZ65 MXer Yamaha rounds out its 2018 motocross lineup with new model for the little ones   Start ‘em young. Whether you’re a motorcycle or a tobacco company, it’s not a bad business strategy and Yamaha has just doubled on in


Zechner & Zechner Create a Mixed-Use Complex Beside Peter Behrens' Modernist Icon

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Viennese firm  has been announced as the winners of the competition for the new landmark complex NeuBau3—a mixed-use district at Peter-Behrens-Platz in , Austria—after a unanimous decision by the jury. The proposed structure will complete the existing site of German architect and designer ' modernist Tabakfabrik Linz, a tobacco factory built between 1929 and 1935.


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