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This Martian Crater Has a Weirdly Earth-Like Secret

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NASA's Mars rover Opportunity was exploring an uncharted Martian valley last month when it encountered a shockingly familiar sight: Streams of rocks and gravel stretched down the hillside of Perseverance Valley — a roughly 600-foot (183 meters) drop down the inner slope of a crater — in seemingly organized rows. The patterns closely resemble so-called "rock stripes" seen on certain mountains on Earth, NASA said in a statement. Perseverance Valley is thought to have been carved hundreds of thousands of years ago by a combination of water, ice and wind — already making the spot unusual by Martian standards, NASA wrote.


Jiezi Ancient Town Meiyi Square / Beijing Huaqing An-design Architects

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Meiyi Square, center of the extensive natural landscape of Jiezi , near the hills and rivers, faces the main street of the ancient town. It is the planned entrance and tourist center of the ancient town along Weijiang River and Mount Fengqi. From Qingluan Park to Meiyi Square, it is expected to appreciate the scenery through the organization of landscape order, spatial intention and visual impression, which manifests the people and environment, stories and poem thus filling people’s minds with a myriad of thoughts.


Carillion investors were 'fleeing for the hills'

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"Those who looked closest ran fastest," says a report by MPs into the collapsed construction giant.

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Freestyle skiing: Lillis dons late brother's ski suit in his memory

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American world champion Jonathon Lillis took to the hill for the Olympic aerials final on Sunday wearing the ski suit of his late brother Mikey, who died in October at the age of 17.


Gus Kenworthy's kiss with boyfriend a 'moment to celebrate'

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It was a tender moment between two men in love, an openly gay Olympian kissing his boyfriend at the bottom of the hill during the ski slopestyle event.


Remains found of French girl Maelys who vanished at wedding

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Pont-de-Beauvoisin (France) (AFP) - French police have found the remains of an eight-year-old French schoolgirl who vanished from a wedding in the Alps last August in a case that gripped the country, a prosecutor said Wednesday. Chief suspect Nordahl Lelandais, a 34-year-old former soldier, guided investigators to the site in the hills after a trace of her blood was found in his car. Having spent months denying the crime, Lelandais admitted to having killed her "by mistake" and having hidden the body afterwards, prosecutor Jean-Yves Coquillat told reporters in the town of Grenoble.


Katy Perry Literally Runs Away From Love--in Spite of Her Ongoing Fling With Orlando Bloom

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When it comes to matters of the heart, it looks like Katy Perry is running for the hills. In honor of Valentine's Day on Wednesday, the Grammy nominee commemorated the holiday of love...


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