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Saying The Phrase "I Hear You" Doesn't Work If You Follow It With This Word

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We've all seen the crib sheet that President Trump brought to his meeting with survivors and family members of school shootings, with notes like "I hear you." What shouldn't be lost in the jokes is that saying "I hear you" can actually be empathetic as long as you don't follow it with this word.


New approach to improve nitrogen use, enhance yield, and promote flowering in rice

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Using nitrogen fertilizer increases crop yields, but excess runoff causes environmental pollution. Moreover, in grains such as rice, large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer can delay flowering, leaving the crop vulnerable to late-season cold weather. A recent study has identified a rice nitrate transporter that can be overexpressed to increase grain yield and accelerate flowering. This approach has the potential to improve grain yields while avoiding the downside of late maturation.


The Energy 202: Why Ted Cruz rallied with Philadelphia union workers this week

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RFS is back on the hot seat.


Mysterious gamma rays in Crab nebula traced to pulsar winds

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Ultra-bright flashes in the Crab nebula have baffled astronomers, but they could result from winds created by a pulsar at the heart of the gas cloud

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Ted Cruz Really Did Not Nail This Simpsons Analogy About Gun Control

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The Conservative Political Action Conference, otherwise known as CPAC, is currently underway in Maryland, and Ted Cruz is out there Ted Cruzing all over the place. During a speaking engagement at the event this afternoon, the Senator from Texas was prompted to discuss gun control in the context of a ...


Texas Senators Cruz And Cornyn Fight To Push Competing Ethanol RFS Reform Plans

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As Sen. Ted Cruz ventures to Pennsylvania to promote his own ethanol RFS reform, his Texas Senate counterpart, John Cornyn, is pushing a plan of his own to reach a grand bargain on the matter.


Superstore Gets A Super Renewal For Season Four

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Cloud 9 is still in business. NBC announced today that it has renewed Superstore for a 22-episode fourth season, meaning the big-box store employees you love so much — Amy, Jonah, Matteo, Garrett, Dina, and the rest of the crew — get to keep their jobs, while the actors who ...


Cruz urges biofuels policy revamp at rally for bankrupt U.S. refiner

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Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on Wednesday urged President Donald Trump's administration to push for an overhaul of the nation's biofuels policy, during a rally at a Pennsylvania oil refinery that blames its bankruptcy on the controversial regulation.


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