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Qualcomm, Cognitive Systems partnership brings smart home controls to mesh networks

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Cognitive Systems'Aura WiFi Motion technology will now be offered as a standard option for customers developing products based on the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform.


The Evolution of Trust in a Digital Economy

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The ultimate social impact of blockchain technology depends on who controls our digital identities


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee dies at 65: mayor's office

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, a champion for the technology sector and former civil rights attorney who sued the city on behalf of tenants and would go on to lead as its first Chinese American mayor, died early on Tuesday, officials said. Lee, 65, died of a heart attack, the San Francisco Examiner said. "He was a true champion for the people," U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, whose district includes San Francisco, said on Twitter.


Researchers Create Nanobionic Light-Emitting Plants

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A team of scientists from the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found a way to infuse plants with the luminescence of fireflies. The results appear in the journal Nano Letters. By embedding specialized nanoparticles into the leaves of the watercress (Nasturtium officinale), MIT Professor Michael Strano and colleagues induced [...]


Disney buys Fox entertainment assets in $52.4 billion deal that shakes up entertainment, media worlds

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Disney is buying a large part of the Murdoch family's 21st Century Fox for about $52.4 billion in stock, including film and television studios and cable and international TV businesses, as it tries to meet competition from technology companies in the entertainment business.
The deal gives Disney...


'We were promised flying cars': 25 quotes that sum up 2017

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2017 brought us bitcoin explosions, Uber implosions and "covfefe." Here are the quotes that shaped technology and the world.


How Technology Could Help Fix Our Broken Financial System

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New financial networks could stop the concentration of wealth and increase participation in the economy—but only if used with care


How This Obscure Chinese Firm Is Clinching A World Lead In Smartphone Displays

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BOE Technology, a $7.4 billion company from Beijing, is overtaking established rivals to become a top global supplier of display panels for phones, monitors and television sets.


Tasmanian tiger was 'doomed by poor DNA' long before it was wiped out by hunting, scientists say

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Scientists in Australia have mapped the genetic sequence of the extinct Tasmanian tiger, raising hopes of reviving the species, whose last survivor died in a zoo in the city of Hobart in September 1936. The landmark study of the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, was based on examination of DNA from a female pup that had been preserved in ethanol at a museum since 1909. Andrew Pask, a researcher from the University of Melbourne, said that establishing a blueprint of the thylacine’s entire genetic code was the first step in trying to bring back the species through cloning. “As this genome is one of the most complete for an extinct species, it is technically the first step to ‘bringing the thylacine back’,” he said.  “We are still a long way off that possibility. We would need to develop a marsupial model to host the thylacine genome, like work conducted to include mammoth genes in the modern elephant.” Tasmanian tigers became extinct on the Australian mainland about 3,000 years ago but survived on the island state of Tasmania. The species was hunted by European settlers who believed the animals threatened their sheep and who were encouraged by a government bounty of £1 per carcass. Tasmanian tigers or thylacines photographed at Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart in Australia's Tasmania state in 1918 Credit:  AFP / TASMANIAN MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY The last known creature died in captivity in 1936, though the species was not officially declared extinct until 1982. But the genome study revealed that the sandy-coloured marsupial may have become extinct even if humans had not settled in Tasmania. The sequencing found that the thylacine had little genetic diversity, making it harder for it to survive changes in environmental conditions. "They were actually in pretty bad genetic shape and it wasn't because of their isolation on Tasmania. It was a longer-term decline in their history," Dr Pask said. “We certainly made them go extinct — there's no question about that. But we now know even if [thylacines] were still around today they'd probably be in the same genetic dire circumstances as the Tasmanian devil [a local species that is under threat]." The Tasmanian tiger has a somewhat mythical status in Australia and there is still frenzied speculation about whether it may have survived in the wild. There have been regular reported sightings, though most experts believe that the creatures that are spotted are probably feral dogs and that the thylacine is unlikely to have survived. Recent unconfirmed sightings in the state of Queensland prompted a fresh search which has so far proven fruitless. The study found that the genetic health of the thylacine became compromised about 70,000 to 120,000 years ago, an era which coincided with an ice age. The Tasmanian species became  isolated when the island was cut off from the mainland due to rising seas about 14,000 years ago. On the mainland, the species became extinct due to extreme weather and drought, according to a study released earlier this year. Experts said it could take some years – and billions of dollars - to revive the species. "We still have a way to go to get the technology and to get that at a reasonable cost," Christy Hipsley, from Museums Victoria, told Channel Seven. However, Dr Pask said he believed humans have a moral obligation to try to revive the species. "I think we were responsible for hunting [the species] to extinction - in that case, we almost owe it to the species to bring it back," he said. The findings were published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

The Air Force Is Training F-35s To Fight Russia and China in a War

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The Air Force F-35 is using “open air” ranges and computer simulation to practice combat missions against the best Chinese and Russian-made air-defense technologies. While the Air Force aims to prepare for the unlikely contingency of a potential engagement with near-peer rivals such as Russia or China, Air Force planners recognize that there is much more concern about having to confront an adversary which has purchased air-defense technology from the Russians or Chinese. The Air Force F-35 is using “open air” ranges and computer simulation to practice combat missions against the best Chinese and Russian-made air-defense technologies – as a way to prepare to enemy threats anticipated in the mid-2020s and beyond.


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