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Stock market's new 'wall Of worry' is built on inflation and rate fears

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The U.S. stock market on Friday posted one of its best weekly performances in years, recapturing half of the losses from the startling market correction earlier this month and discovering a new "wall of worry" to climb.


Are We Witnessing A V-Shaped Stock Market Bottom?

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Last week, I featured a chart of the V-shaped bottom that occurred in October 2014. After last week's action is this now more likely and what are the signs that such a bottom has been completed?


Even as markets shook, many investors held steady

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This month's sell-off for stocks marked the first big test of investors' mettle in years.


6 Things That Could Cause a Stock Market Crash

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Here's what could cause the stock market to drop sharply.


3 stocks that posted big gains despite volatile markets

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The recent stock market volatility with the dramatic swings between gains and losses may be unnerving to investors, but some companies have seen huge appreciation in their share values.


US stock market indexes drift after a 5-day winning streak

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U.S. stocks are little changed Friday morning as gains by health care and technology companies are offset by losses in packaged food makers including Kraft Heinz and Campbell Soup, which reported disappointing results.


Stock markets on track for best week in 6 years

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World shares were set to post their best week of gains in six years on Friday after two consecutive weeks spent in the red, shrugging off a rise in global borrowing costs while the dollar hit its lowest level since 2014.


Don't Get Fooled By The Monthly Reports

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Even though the stock market had an impressive reversal last Friday, many stock investors and traders have avoided buying stocks ahead of January's CPI report, released yesterday. But is each monthly report really that important in determining the health of the economy?


Corrections Usually Spell Opportunity In Stocks

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Panic is a normal human reaction to stock market corrections. Should you?


Will Inflation Cause the Next Stock Market Crash?

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Even the beginning of a potential trend momentarily spooked investors.


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