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This Chip Stock Could Make a Big Comeback in 2018

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Synaptics' newest chip will help it tap the latest trend in smartphones.


Efforts to track food intake on smartphone app impacted by day of week but not season of year

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Dietary self-monitoring is a key component of successful behavioral weight loss interventions and is essential for facilitating other behavior change techniques (eg, setting goals, providing behavioral feedback). A new study found that the amount of time in a study and day of the week were associated with dietary self-monitoring.


Real-Time Quiz Apps Have Hit China, Offering Real Cash Prizes To Draw In Millions Of Users

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In the space of two weeks, China's latest interactive smartphone trend has gone from zero to tens of millions of users, providing marketers with hints about what works to reach and resonate with Chinese consumers


How Robot Math and Smartphones Led Researchers to a Drug Discovery Breakthrough

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An algorithm originally designed to help robots move was useful in tackling an entirely different problem


Gadget Ogling: CES Edition

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Roader's Time Machine Camera is designed to hang around your neck and, for up to seven hours of battery life, constantly capture what it sees. When you hit a button, it saves the last 10 seconds of footage and the following 10. You can send a low-resolution version of that 20-second clip to your smartphone immediately, and if you'd like to save a high-resolution version, you can grab that too.


US shoppers spent record $108B online during holiday season

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U.S. e-commerce sales reached new heights during the 2017 holiday season, as mobile transactions through smartphones and tablets drove a record haul for online vendors.


New Thrive app helps us avoid too much focus on our phones and lets us reconnect with life

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We are incredibly distracted by our smartphones. Fortunately a new app aims to help us to completely disconnect.


'Magnetoelectric' material shows promise as memory for electronics

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Smartphones and computers wouldn't be nearly as useful without room for lots of apps, music and videos. Devices tend to store that information in two ways: through electric fields (think of a flash drive) or through magnetic fields (like a computer's spinning hard disk). Each method has advantages and disadvantages. However, in the future, our electronics could benefit from the best of each, say researchers.


Parent-supplied photos allow pediatric dermatology diagnoses with no office visit in most cases

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Using smartphone cameras, parents can reliably take high-quality photographs of their child's skin condition to send to a dermatologist for diagnosis. This finding suggests that direct-to-patient dermatology can accurately provide pediatric dermatology care.


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