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Forget thundersnow: There's thunder ice in the central U.S.

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This week, there have been a few reports of "thunder ice" or "thunder-freezing rain." It's basically a thunderstorm during freezing rain or sleet.

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Sleepwalking student causes Pennsylvania school to cancel classes

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A Pennsylvania middle school canceled classes Wednesday after a sleepwalking student prompted a security scare.

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Eating Fast May Raise Obesity Risk

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Going to sleep within two hours of eating dinner and snacking after dinner were also associated with obesity, but skipping breakfast was not.

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5 natural sleep remedies to inspire some shut-eye

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Not getting your 8 hours? Consider these to catch some z's

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Sleeping with the enemy: the rise of sex machines

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It sounds like science fiction — but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, sex robots are becoming big business. Do they spell the end of romance? And might we soon be falling in love with machines? Emily Hill investigates


Furious Wife Chops Off Husband’s Penis And Flushes It Down The Toilet After Accusing Him Of Cheating

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A woman has been arrested in India after chopping off her husband’s genitals and flushing them down the toilet — all because of an alleged cheating incident.
Sukhwant Kaur, a mother of two, is currently facing legal charges after allegedly carrying out a horrible act against her husband, Azad Singh, 40. According to the Daily Mail, the scorned wife has had enough of her husband’s affair and decided to take matters into her own hands.
Authorities revealed that the furious wife waited until her husband fell asleep before pulling off her gruesome plan. As soon as Singh dozed off, Kaur reportedly beat him unconscious with a rod.
Once he was out cold, she allegedly and testicles. She then decided to dispose of his genitals by flushing them down the toilet in their family home at Joginder Nagar, northern India.

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From wooden sleds in a Texas garage to the Winter Olympics for Nigeria

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The journey begins in a Texas garage, where an international track and field athlete constructs a makeshift wooden sled.


Is lack of sleep to blame for repetitive negative thoughts?

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We now know that sleep quality is linked to various physical and mental health outcomes. Is shorter, poorer sleep also to blame for our obsessive worries?

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Insufficient sleep may be adding to your waistline

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Adults in the UK who have poor sleep patterns are more likely to be overweight and obese and have poorer metabolic health, according to a new study.

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Spokesperson: Rev. Bill Graham Died in His Sleep

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The Rev. Billy Graham will lie in repose for two days next week and a funeral will be held on March 2. (Feb. 21)

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