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Bruised Fingernail: What to Do When Your Nail Cracks or Falls Off

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Here's what to do when you slam your nail in the car door, according to dermatologists. A bruised fingernail is something you have to take care of carefully.

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Why You Should Consider Yourself Lucky to Get to Write the MIT Sloan Pre-Interview Essay

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Did you get invited to interview at MIT Sloan today? If so, a hearty congratulations. And if not—there’s still hope! Another batch of invites is slated to go out a week from today, on March 1st. In case you don’t know it already, for those of you who did or still might receive an invitation […]

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Civil engineers devise a cost-saving solution for cities

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Why fix a road today if it's slated to be ripped up for new sewers next summer?


Harry Styles slashes the asking price of his LA bachelor pad by £900k

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As Harry Styles reduces the price of his LA mansion again, we take a look inside...


Alpine skiing: Fortune shines at last on 'Old Man' Myhrer

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Four years ago, Andre Myhrer was in second place going into the deciding run of the Olympic slalom, but failed to finish the course as he struggled with an injured knee.


GB's Ryding ninth as Myhrer wins slalom - report and day 13 round-up

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Sweden's Andre Myhrer is the surprise winner of the men's slalom as Great Britain's Dave Ryding finishes ninth.

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Tepid Federal Support For Energy R&D Is A National Travesty, Bush Environmental Czar Says

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Even if Congress prevent's Trump's effort to slash energy research and development, the tepid level of federal support for energy R andD remains a "national travesty," said James Connaughton, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality for George W. Bush.


Pirajá House / Estúdio BRA

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A roof turned into a slab garden

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Ex-con arrested after man slashed in face in Times Square

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Police said the 41-year-old victim and the 33-year-old man he bumped got into an argument. The younger man then pulled out a knife and slashed the other man in the face.


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