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Lifeline for Merkel as opposition revolt over coalition position

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A possible way out of Germany’s political crisis appeared on Wednesday in the form of a growing rebellion in the second largest party over its leader’s refusal to enter coalition talks with Angela Merkel.  Martin Schulz was confronted with open revolt in his Social Democratic Party (SPD) from MPs who want him to throw a lifeline to Mrs Merkel — and drive a hard bargain for the party’s support. Other senior voices in the SPD are calling for it to agree instead to prop up a Merkel-led minority government from the outside in the national interest. Analysts warned that a minority government in Germany could be bad for Britain, with Mrs Merkel forced to seek approval from parliament over every stage of Brexit negotiations. “Merkel is basically open to a compromise, but in a minority government she wouldn’t have the leeway to make a deal,” said Prof Matt Qvortrup of Coventry University. Germany faces the prospect of new elections unless Mrs Merkel can find some way to form a government after the collapse of coalition talks with the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) and the Green Party. Profile | Martin Schulz Mr Schulz has come under intense pressure to reverse his decision to take the SPD into opposition following its worst ever result in September’s election.  He is already facing tough talks with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday in a bid to break the impasse. The president, himself a former SPD leader, is said to be furious at the party’s stance. But it became clear on Wednesday that Mr Schulz is also facing a rebellion from with the party over his refusal to consider talks. At an internal party meeting on Tuesday night, more than 30 MPs spoke out against Mr Schulz’s position, and demanded he took a more flexible approach. “The SPD is fully aware of its responsibility in the current difficult situation," Mr Schulz said, striking a more conciliatory tone. “I am sure that we will find a good solution for our country in the coming days and weeks.” But questions are now being asked over whether his position as party leader is secure, after a number of senior MPs from the party broke ranks to criticise his stance. “The SPD should not rush to call for new elections but should take the conversation with the president seriously,” said Johannes Fechner. Chart: Germany is badly fragmented and perhaps ungovernable. It is not getting better. “We have to consider the conditions under which we would agree to go into coalition,” said Bernd Westphal. “Making hurried decisions now will bring nothing,” said Johannes Kahrs. “Before we go to the voters, we have to explore all possibilities.” Mr Schulz faces an annual vote to confirm him as party leader next month, and his position is not secure. He has insisted that the party has nothing to fear from new elections, but many of his MPs disagree with him — and some are openly briefing that he isn’t the man to lead the party into them. Mr Schulz led the SPD to its worst ever result in September, and current polls suggest the party could do even worse in new elections. Sources in the party say they have been fielding phone calls from supporters asking if they’re “crazy”. Leading voices in the party have proposed supporting a Merkel minority government from the outside as a compromise. “We see no basis for a coalition at the moment, so we have to look at other options,” Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel said. “If no coalition is possible, a minority government is conceivable,” Matthias Miersch said. Germany has not had a minority government since the Second World War, and there are deep misgivings over the idea — not least because it was a series of minority governments in the 1930s that led to the rise of the Nazis. Mrs Merkel said this week she would prefer new elections. But it is not up to her: under the German consitution, only President Steinmeier has the power to call new elections or appoint a minority government. If Mrs Merkel can negotiate a new coalition or a deal to prop up a minority government, she will have pulled off one of the great political escapes. There were predictions the collapse of talks could mean the end of her career, but so far her party has rallied around her. There was a lone call on Wednesday from the local youth wing of the party in Düsseldorf for her to resign, but so far there has been no move from within the parliamentary party to unseat her.

Better Homes and Gardens Rush Valley 3-Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set, Seats 5 - $499.00

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Walmart offers Better Homes and Gardens Rush Valley 3-Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set, Seats 5. ...

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Wayland 6 Piece Dining Set - $1195.94

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This Wayland 6 Piece Dining Set features metal accents, faux leather seat. ...

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Honda's Recall Of A Recall Came At Feds' Insistence

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Honda's decision to recall 800,000 minivans came only after federal safety regulators insisted on it. The action is a repeat of a recall from 2016 because second row seats might come loose under heavy braking.

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Larson 3 Piece Leather Reclining Home Theater Seating - $899.00

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This Larson 3 Piece Leather Reclining Home Theater Seating features storage areas under both armrests open with lift-up hinges ...

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Alabama Police Chief Suspended After 'Joking' About Roy Moore Sexual Assault Allegations

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An Alabama police chief has been suspended after posting on social media what he described as “jokes” about sexual assault accusations that are dominating the state’s race for a U.S. Senate seat.


49ers stick with Beathard to face Seahawks (Nov 26, 2017)

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After finally earning their first win of the season, the San Francisco 49ers will attempt to damage the Seattle Seahawks' playoff aspirations when the teams meet Sunday in Santa Clara, Calif.


John Deere Gator 12V Battery Ride-On for $298 + pickup at Walmart

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Walmart offers the Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV 12-volt Battery-Powered Ride-On for $298. Opt for in-store pickup to avoid the $9.99 bulk shipping charge. That's the lowest price we could find by $101 and the best price we've seen. It features two speeds and reverse, adjustable seats, automatic brakes, and a battery charger.

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Police investigate suspicious package at Seattle airport

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Police are investigating a suspicious package at Seattle's airport.

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