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Architects of New Misk Art Institute in Saudi Arabia Discuss Design Vision

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The new artist-led institute announced its inaugural year of global programming at an event last week in New York.


REVEALED: New era of state sponsored HACKING can turn oil rigs into 'BOMB that can KILL'

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EXPERTS fear that hackers who seized control of a Saudi Arabian petrochemical site using malicious software labelled as 'Triton' and 'Trisis' could be being used by Iran, Russia and North Korea, marking a new era of cybercrime.


Pakistan rules out role in Yemen war, says troops sent to Saudi Arabia after clarifying 'rules of engagement'

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Pakistan today said the decision to send its troops to Saudi Arabia was taken after clarifying the "rules of engagement" for which negotiations were ongoing for some time.


Rock art: Life-sized sculptures of dromedaries found in Saudi Arabia

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At a remarkable site in northwest Saudi Arabia, a CNRS archaeologist and colleagues from the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) have discovered camelid sculptures unlike any others in the region.


Fake news and the Gulf crisis

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UK media watchdog is investigating Saudi Arabia-owned Al Arabiya channel for airing fake news regarding Qatar's emir.


Pakistan to send troops to Saudi Arabia

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Islamabad, Feb 16: Pakistan has decided to deploy troops in Saudi Arabia under bilateral security cooperation with the kingdom which is involved in the ongoing civil war in neighbouring Yemen. The Pakistan Army announced the decision after a meeting ......


Trump may release a prisoner from Guantanamo

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Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Haza al-Darbi, a Saudi citizen held since 2002, made a plea deal in 2014 that said he would be released to Saudi Arabia.


Brent crude rises towards $65 on Saudi commitment to curb output, weak dollar

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Oil rose towards $65 barrel on Thursday, supported by Saudi Arabia's comment that it would rather see an undersupplied market than end an OPEC-led deal to withhold production too soon, and by a weak U.S. dollar.


Billions pledged for Iraq's post-ISIL reconstruction

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Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and several non-state actors including the EU, agree to fund post-ISIL Iraq.


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