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Is this mysterious space rock actually an alien spaceship?

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The 'Oumuamua' asteroid has some wondering...

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New York Times names A.G. Sulzberger as new publisher

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Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is handing the reins of The New York Times Company to his son Arthur Gregg Sulzberger on Thursday -- a long-expected moment of generational change for the family-controlled newspaper.

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Supermodel Dollhouse with 12 Furniture Pieces, including Fancy Chandelier - $79.97

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This Supermodel Dollhouse includes 12 furniture pieces, including a fancy chandelier. It has a spacious patio area, bright beautiful artwork on every ...

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NatWest bank spat prompts web security changes

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The bank told a security expert "sorry you feel this way" when a potential vulnerability was found.

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Meghan Markle adds sparkle to British royal Christmas

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December 15, 2017 12:24 AM
LONDON (AFP) - Meghan Markle is to become the first fiancee invited to spend Christmas with the British royal family - a move hailed on Thursday (Dec 14) as a sea change in the monarchy's traditionalist attitude.


David Cameron criticises Donald Trump for 'fake news' attacks on media

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David Cameron has joined the chorus criticising US President Donald Trump for his tirades against the media, saying his attacks on "fake news" was undermining democracy.  In his first public speech since stepping down after his failed attempt to win a vote to stay in the European Union last year, the former prime minister said Mr Trump was corrupting society and diverting attention from real abuses through his attacks on outlets like CNN and the BBC.  “President Trump: ‘fake news’ is not broadcasters criticising you, it's Russian bots and trolls targeting your democracy, pumping out untrue stories day after day, night after night,” Mr Cameron said at an anti-corruption lecture hosted by Transparency International and law firm Clifford Chance in London.  “When you misappropriate the term fake news, you are deflecting attention from real abuses. Ignoring what’s happening on social media is facilitating a form of corruption that is undermining democracy.” Mr Cameron championed the fight against corruption and pushed through legislation strengthening the hand of law enforcement officials. At a glance | The rise of fake news Now, he said, the problem was worsening. Taking aim at Russia, he suggested underhand tactics had been used by the country to win the right to stage the 2018 Fifa World Cup. “I am sure (President Vladimir Putin) wasn’t completely surprised when Russia actually won the bid. You couldn’t make it up. In the years since, 10 of the 22 members of that Fifa executive committee were indicted or punished.” Speaking tonight at @TransparencyUK#TILecture17 - Britain was first G20 country to set up open register of beneficial ownership. We must keep promoting transparency and fighting the battle against corruption.— David Cameron (@David_Cameron) December 13, 2017 He also said the EU had not done enough to fight Russia's attempts to interfere with Europe's democracies. “To be honest this is one area where, far from being too quick to act, the EU has been far too slow,” he added. “Barack Obama used to challenge European leaders over how we seemed to ignore or even tolerate Russian subversion of some eastern European business, energy, media or even political interests. He was bang on target.”  

The 'Salesforce Of Pot' Just Raised $8 Million To Expand in California

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Baker, a CRM platform for the cannabis industry, has raised its Series A round. The company overcame fundraising challenges inherent in the marijuana space thanks to its strong metrics, even wooing Silicon Valley VC firms.


NatWest bank spat prompts web security changes

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The bank told a security expert "sorry you feel this way" when a potential vulnerability was found.

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Pharma Ups Its Game On Trial Transparency But There's 'Room For Improvement'

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A bioethics watchdog is urging pharma companies to disclose results from all of their clinical trials. The industry hasn't yet jumped on board with that recommendation, a new study shows.

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NJ Transit doled out $4.4 million for office that sat vacant

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New Jersey Transit paid $4.4 million to purchase office space at its Newark headquarters that sat mostly unused during a two-year lease.

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