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In 1991, America Stopped Building the Ultimate Submarine Russia or China Still Can't Beat

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The extreme quietness of the Seawolf class gave the Navy the idea of modifying the last submarine, USS Jimmy Carter, to support clandestine operations. The MMP gives Carter the ability to send and recover Remotely Operated Vehicles/Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and SEALs and diving teams while submerged. The Seawolf-class submarines were envisioned as the best submarines ever built.

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Russia Wants the Strangest of All Weapons: An 'Underwater ICBM'

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Before the U.S. spends trillions on developing on strategic anti-torpedo defense, let's take a close look at the alleged Russian super-weapon. Except that a real ICBM can reach targets on the other side of the world because missiles zoom into open sky, into outer space, and then down again through more open sky.

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Report of 'extremely high' radioactive pollution suggests nuclear cloud came from Russia

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Russia's meteorological service has reported “extremely high pollution” of a radioactive isotope in the Urals near a facility that previously suffered the third worst nuclear catastrophe in history. The news bolsters international reports that a ruthenium-106 leak originating in the Urals sent a radioactive cloud over Europe.  Greenpeace Russia has said it will ask the prosecutor general to investigate the possible cover-up of a nuclear accident. Rosatom, Russia's state nuclear company, said in a statement to The Telegraph on Tuesday there had been "no unreported accidents" and the ruthenium-106 emission was "not linked to any Rosatom site". Its Mayak facility, where an explosion in 1957 contaminated a swath of central Russia, told state news agency RIA Novosti that it had not processed nuclear fuel with ruthenium-106 this year.  The isotope, which doesn't occur naturally, was detected in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland in late September. France's nuclear safety institute said the “major” radiation leak likely occurred between the Urals and the Volga river.  Graphic: Path of the cloud Rosatom said in October the “account of a supposed Russian origin of the pollution is baseless”. But a report by the Rosgidromet service on Monday revealed that the concentration of ruthenium-106 in Argayash, a village near Mayak, exceeded natural background pollution by 986 times at the end of September. The head of the service said excessive ruthenium-106 levels had also been documented in Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Responding to accusations that local authorities had covered up the leak, Yevgeny Savchenko, the Chelyabinsk region public safety minister, said on Monday “fluctuations in background radiation” had not reached dangerous levels and thus “there was no basis for protective measures”.  He also claimed it was suspicious that the leak was reported in France, “where there is a nuclear waste processing facility that competes with our Mayak”. The independent news outlet Znak quoted a source at Mayak as saying the ruthenium-106 could have come from nuclear waste brought there for reprocessing.  Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on the development of the electric power industry in November with representatives of Rosatom and other state companies. Credit: Mikhail Metzel/TASS via Getty Images  

Russia probe: Donald Trump supporter says he would believe US President over Jesus

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A Donald Trump voter has said he would believe the US president over Jesus Christ, amid the Russia collusion claims, even if the Messiah “got off the cross” and said the allegations were true. Pest control company owner Mark Lee threw his support behind the White House chief, whom he said stood up for the “little guy”, as he took part as a panellist in a CNN debate on the matter. Mr Trump has been fighting off claims that officials in his election campaign had reached out to Moscow to dig up “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, his then rival last year for the Oval Office job.

Trump-Russia probe: Mueller requests dismissal documents on former FBI Director James Comey, reports say

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Special counsel Robert Mueller has requested the Justice Department turn over a range of documents, including some about the dismissal of former FBI director James Comey, it has been reported. Mr Mueller is currently leading an investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin, and is also reportedly examining whether Mr Trump himself obstructed justice by asking Mr Comey to drop an investigation into then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.


Manafort and Gates are sprung for holiday as bail talks drag on

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Three weeks into their criminal case in the Russia inquiry, there's no sign of a long-term deal to end house arrest.

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Everything seems to be on Wilson as Seahawks move forward

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SEATTLE (AP) When he was in the early stages of his professional career, the Seattle Seahawks asked Russell Wilson just to do his part.

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Spurs proved doubters wrong by winning group - Kane

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Tottenham come from behind to beat Borussia Dortmund in Germany and secure first place in Group H of the Champions League.


Russia confirms ‘extremely high’ radiation levels in toxic cloud

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Earlier this month, France's nuclear safety agency said it had recorded radioactivity in the area near the Ural Mountains - and Russia has now verified the readings


After U.N. veto, Russia moves against chemical weapons watchdog

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After blocking U.N. Security Council action against Syria, Russia has proposed changing the rules for inspectors at the world's chemical weapons body in The Hague, a move Western diplomats and experts said would undermine its work. It is the latest confrontation between Russia, a close ally and military backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the West over an international inquiry established to determine who is behind ongoing chemical attacks in Syria's civil war.


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