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Indiana Gov. Holcomb headed on trade mission to India

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb is going on a trade mission to India next week. The Republican will be joined by Indiana’s First Lady Janet Holcomb and Indiana Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger. They are visiting Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore and Pune. The goal of the trip is to meet with government officials and [...]


Senate Republicans cruise toward passage of budget plan

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans are on track to pass a $4 trillion budget plan that shelves GOP deficit concerns in favor of the party’s drive to cut taxes. The nonbinding budget plan, slated for a vote late Thursday, would set the stage for tax legislation later this year that could pass through the Senate [...]


Trump reverses course on emerging Senate health care deal

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A bipartisan Senate deal to curb the growth of health insurance premiums is reeling after President Donald Trump reversed course and opposed the agreement, and top congressional Republicans and conservatives gave it a frosty reception.

Flake takes on Trump — and risks it all

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The Republican senator let loose on the president in an interview with POLITICO, even though it will likely hurt him in his 2018 primary.


Senate Republicans cruise toward passage of budget plan

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Senate Republicans are on track to pass a $4 trillion budget plan that shelves GOP deficit concerns in favor of the party's drive to cut taxes.


Trump kicks issues to Congress, is erratic trading partner

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is proving to be an erratic trading partner as he kicks thorny policy issues to Congress and then sends conflicting signals about what he really wants. His rapid backpedal on a short-term health care fix this week is the latest example to leave Republicans and Democrats alike scratching their [...]


Changes to Obamacare will impact hospital stocks

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President Donald Trump backed away from a bipartisan deal reached by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democratic Senator Patty Murray. That deal aims to stabilise Obamacare by restoring subsidies to health insurers.


Former Republican congressman says he hopes Democrats win back the House of Representatives to stop 'unstable' Donald Trump

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A former Republican congressman has admitted the US might be “better off” if Democrats win control of the House of Representatives, because Donald Trump is “unstable”. Describing the US President is a threat to national security, David Jolly, who served as the representative for Florida's 13th congressional district between 2014 and 2016, suggested the country would benefit from Democrat success in next year’s midterm elections. Mr Jolly claimed leading Republicans in Congress are also rooting for their opponents in the hope of limiting Mr Trump's power.

Senate poised for crucial vote related to tax reform measure

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President Donald Trump's drive to overhaul the U.S. tax code headed for a pivotal moment on Thursday, with Senate Republicans poised to approve a budget measure that would help them pass tax legislation without Democratic support.


John McCain accuses Trump of 'not being up front' about how four US soldiers died in Niger

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Senior Republican senator John McCain has claimed the Trump administration has not been “up front” about what happened during the fatal incident in Niger that left four US soldiers dead and injured two others. Amid a row over whether or not the President was disrespectful to the widow of one of the four Green Berets killed in action when he telephoned her, Senator John McCain said the White House needed to provide formation about the operation two weeks ago when US forces were ambushed by Isis-linked militants. Mr McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was asked whether he thought the White House was being up front about what happened.

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