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US Army's top engineer 'not satisfied' with Puerto Rico's post-Maria recovery

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Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite said Puerto Ricans shouldn't wait so long for power.


Sports drinks are not solutions for illness-related dehydration

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Hospitals across the nation have been hit by a double whammy: an alarming flu season combined with a shortage of intravenous fluids. Hurricane Maria’s devastating effects on Puerto Rico, a critical manufacturing hub for American medical supplies, have caused the supply chain disruption.


Suicide rates spike in Puerto Rico, five months after Maria

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This follows years of steady decline in the island's suicide rates.


Why does restoring full power in Puerto Rico seem like a never-ending task?

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"We would like to go faster, but right now we're going as fast as we can."


The next big storm to rock Puerto Rico: suicide

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The island hasn't recovered from Maria — and the next hurricane season starts in three months


Thousands of FEMA rescuers spent more time traveling, awaiting orders than on rescues

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Thousands of FEMA rescuers deployed to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico spent more time traveling than they did effecting rescues. It cost $92 million.


Puerto Rico to reduce power generation amid cash shortfall

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico's electricity utility said Friday it will dial down the power generation starting this weekend as a federal control board urgently seeks a $300 million loan for the troubled utility after a judge rejected a previous $1 billion loan request.


Puerto Rico to slash energy reserves amid cash shortfall

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Puerto Rico's power company said Sunday that it will reduce its operating reserve to save money amid a cash shortfall as officials warned the move could destabilize the U.S. territory's fragile electrical grid.


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