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Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier Review A Damn Dirty Disappointment | Game Informer

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Its a ride that might be worth taking once, but dont bother going back in when youre done.

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Delta Air Lines planes 100 A321neo order with Airbus

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Delta Air Lines today placed an order with Airbus for 100 of the manufacturer’s modern A321neo planes. The US-carrier has ordered the ACF, or Airbus Cabin Flex, configuration, of the aircraft.

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AP Top Stories December 14 A

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Here's the latest for Thursday, December 14th: IRS says Republican plan will save taxpayers money; Kentucky state lawmaker dead in apparent suicide; Moore not conceding, waiting for final vote count; Wintry weather in Michigan.


'Several injured' as plane carrying 25 people crashes shortly after takeoff from airstrip

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A PLANE carrying 25 people has crashed shortly after takeoff, reports reveal.

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Canada to buy 18 used Australian jets

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Canada announced Tuesday it would buy 18 used Australian jets instead of new Boeing Super Hornets, signaling limits in its unwavering friendship with its US neighbor. A little more than a year after saying it would buy 18 Super Hornets for more than $5 billion, and amid trade tensions, Ottawa formally rejected the deal in favor of used planes from Australia. Senior government and military officials said the Australian F-18 fighter jets will fill an air force interim capability gap while Ottawa holds a competitive procurement process for a new fleet.


X-32: The Fighter Plane That Almost Replaced the F-35

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Built to the same specifications, the X-32 and the F-35 had relatively similar performance parameters. Deciding to compete on cost, Boeing designed the X-32 around a single-piece delta wing that would fit all three variants. The X-32 lacked the shaft-driven turbofan lift of the F-35, instead using the same thrust vectoring system as the AV-8 Harrier.

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The Navy's Electronic-Warfare Planes Could Soon Become 'Motherships'

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 Slow-flying unmanned aerial vehicles that could extend the distance at which Growler crews can pinpoint enemy radars. Northrop Grumman is trying to convince the U.S. Navy to transform the branch’s EA-18G Growler electronic-warfare planes into motherships for small, slow-flying unmanned aerial vehicles that could extend the distance at which Growler crews can pinpoint enemy radars.

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Dauntless Unveils Plans for Sharpen Your Skills Adjustments

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A number of Sharpen Your Skills adjustments are planned for Dauntless, including changes to material drop rates, armor stats, and monster damage.

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Airbus exec says considering cuts to A380 production, still undecided

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Airbus SE is considering cutting production of its A380 superjumbo to six or seven planes a year, but has made no final decision on the matter.

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'Vikings' Season 5, Episode 4 Review: 'The Plan'

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'Vikings' sets the stage for bigger things to come in Wednesday night's episode 'The Plan.'


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