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Pizza shop beating caught on camera; manager faces assault charge

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A Pittsburgh pizza shop manager is behind bars after a video surfaced that appeared to show him attacking a woman, slamming her head against the floor.


Trade of Andrew McCutchen Ends an Era in Pittsburgh

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McCutchen, who was named the National League’s M.V.P. in 2013, is on his way to San Francisco as the Pirates continue to rebuild their roster.


DeCastro sides with Jags feeling disrespected

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Steelers guard David DeCastro doesn't blame the Jacksonville Jaguars for feeling disrespected by the perception that Pittsburgh players were looking ahead to playing the New England Patriots.


Bucs acquire Reynolds, Crick for McCutchen

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The Pittsburgh Pirates acquired prospects Bryan Reynolds and Kyle Crick from the San Francisco Giants in exchange for Andrew McCutchen on Monday.


Pittsburgh Steelers Live With The Cost Of Looking Ahead

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The Pittsburgh Steelers got caught looking ahead to play the New England Patriots. They openly ignored their opponent and it ended their season.


Injury set to rule Steelers' Brown out for rest of regular season

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Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown looks set to be out for the rest of the regular season having suffered a partially torn calf muscle in their 24-27 defeat to the New England Patriots.


Jags fueled by Steelers' perceived disrespect

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The Jacksonville Jaguars made it clear that they felt overlooked by the Pittsburgh Steelers leading up to Sunday's divisional-round playoff game and said that fueled their 45-42 victory. Malik Jackson called the Steelers' approach 'disrespectful.'


Jaguars ride offense, swagger to AFC title game

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PITTSBURGH (AP) The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't faced the New England Patriots in a game that matters in more than two years. That's OK. They know a pretty good place to go to get a heads up on their opponent in the AFC title game.


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