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The Unsolved Murder of Tupac Shakur: Untangling the Epic Layers of Conspiracy Surrounding the Case

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In 1996, 25-year-old Tupac Shakur was the crown prince of West Coast rap. Traveling the road paved by hip-hop pioneers like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Ice-T but also blazing his...


Volvo will expand T6 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid to other models - Roadshow

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Future electric components will be "pioneered" by Polestar.

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Pioneer Village / aLL Design

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IBI Group is the architect of record for both Finch West and Pioneer Village Station, based on the scheme de signed by Will Alsop, in joint venture with LEA Consulting Ltd. and WSP. Light Spell was designed by Tim and Jan Edler of realities:united

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Forgotten mountain shrine to a Soviet superstar of astrophysics

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The Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory was founded by astrophysics pioneer Viktor Ambartsumian. Now its antiquated equipment is used to measure cosmic rays

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Women Design: Pioneers in Architecture, Industrial, Graphic and Digital Design

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Women Design, a new title by Libby Sellers, profiles a selection of the most dynamic female designers from the modern era, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence.


Trump signals he's open to mileage tax with praise of Oregon program

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The White House on Wednesday praised an experimental program in Oregon that charges a mileage tax to volunteer drivers, adding to signals that President Donald Trump is open to finding new revenue sources to pay for his proposed infrastructure program. Many of Trump's fellow Republicans, however, dislike the idea of a transportation tax as it would go against the grain of the party's push to lower taxes and could hit Republican-leaning rural areas harder than cities. In the annual Economic Report of the President, the White House described Oregon - a Democratic-leaning state where environmental issues are a priority for many voters - as a "pioneer" in transportation funding and highlighted its funding initiative, which began in 2015.

Scientists unleash power of genetic data to identify disease risk

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Massive banks of genetic information are being harnessed to shed new light on modifiable health risks that underlie common diseases. Researchers have pioneered a method to integrate data from multiple large-scale studies to assess risk factors such as body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol levels, and their association with diseases including type two diabetes and heart disease.


Billy Graham death: Influential US preacher dies aged 99

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Billy Graham, one of the world's most famous evangelists who made history with his pioneering preaching and activism, has died aged 99.

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50 Years Ago, How A Small Alabama Town Pioneered The First 911 Call

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In January 1968, the FCC and AT&T announced a plan for an emergency telephone number. But the Alabama Telephone Company decided to get out ahead of the feds and set up its own system.


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