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US blasts North Korea must stop 'threatening behaviour’ and begin talks amid WW3 fears

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THE US Secretary of State said Kim Jong-un and his hermit kingdom must stop their “threatening behaviour” before talks can begin to stop World War 3 escalations.


James Mattis says North Korean ICBM not yet a 'capable threat' against US

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US Defence Secretary James Mattis said on Friday (Dec 15) that analysis continued on North Korea's most recent missile test, but he did not believe its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) posed an imminent threat to the United States.


North Korea must earn right to talks, says US Secretary of State Tillerson

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson toughens his stance after earlier offering talks with no preconditions.


AP Top Stories December 15, 2017

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Here's the latest for Friday, December 15th: Tillerson backtracks on unconditional North Korea talks; After blasting FBI, Trump proclaims loyalty; Huge California wildfire continues to grow, killing firefighter; SpaceX launches recycled rocket.


'We are PREPARED' US shock warning to North Korea – military is ready if talks FAIL

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NORTH KOREA have been issued with a stark warning from the United States, with Washington insisting it will not listen to Kim Jong-un's demands as the US Defence Secretary attempts to kickstart diplomatic talks.


World War 3: North Korea declares the ‘RABID DOGS’ in the South will ‘pay a dear price’

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NORTH Korea has declared that the “rabid dogs” in the South will “pay a dear price” in a provocative statement amid World War 3 fears.


World War 3: How China could be key to solving North Korea crisis

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CHINA could be the key to neutralising an increasingly bullish North Korea, a leading expert has declared.


World War 3: China begins naval drills as North Korea warns of NUCLEAR WAR

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CHINA has launched a series of intimidating naval drills near North Korea as Beijing responds to an escalating threat of nuclear war.


Warning to North Korea: Donald Trump to get Russia onside in FIGHT against Kim Jong-un

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NORTH KOREA could soon have to contend with Russia as well as the United States as Donald Trump attempts to get Vladimir Putin onside to combat the rogue state’s nuclear ambitions.


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