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WATCH: Nigeria's bobsled team makes Olympic history

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These athletes made history at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


Missing Nigerian girls town exposed by security gap: parents

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A town in northeast Nigeria where Boko Haram is believed to have kidnapped scores of schoolgirls was vulnerable to attack because of a lack of security, residents said on Friday. Terrified pupils fled the school in Dapchi, Yobe state, on Monday night when heavily armed fighters stormed the town in a convoy of pickup trucks. Nigeria's government has been unable to confirm the number of missing girls, which has revived memories of the mass abduction of more than 200 girls in Chibok in April 2014.


Has Boko Haram been defeated?

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Dozens of more girls abducted by suspected Boko Haram fighters in what Nigerian president calls a 'national disaster'.


Boko Haram girls were not freed in heroic mission after all, Nigerian officials admit

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Nigerian officials have apologised after falsely claiming to have staged a dramatic rescue of a group of schoolgirls taken in a mass abduction by Boko Haram on Monday night. Officials in northern Yobe State had claimed on Wednesday to have rescued at least 50 of the girls, in what they described as a "gallant" mission by the Nigerian army. But late on Thursday night, they told families of the missing girls that there had in fact been no rescue at all, saying that the claims had been based on "unreliable" information from the security forces. "We have now established that the information we relied on to make the statement was not credible," said Yobi state spokesman Abdullahi Bego. "The Yobe State government apologises for that." The admission came amid claims from parents that four days after the initial kidnapping in the town of Dapchi, more than 100 girls remain unaccounted for.  At least five parents who were present fainted with the shock upon being told at an official briefing that their daughters were still missing after all. Boko Haram oppression in Nigeria, in pictures One parent, Kundiri Alhaji Bukar, told BBC Hausa language service: ''[The governor] said soldiers were dispatched but the military commander told him they could not locate the girls with the Boko Haram militants. He said no-one is really sure whether the girls were taken away by Boko Haram. But we on our part, we believe Boko Haram abducted the children." The backtracking by the Yobe state officials comes amid growing concerns about the government's handling of the incident. When reports of the attack on the school first surfaced earlier this week, officials initially claimed there had been no abductions at all, and that the missing girls had simply fled to surrounding villages. Critics have drawn comparisons with the government's handling of the notorious Chibok school abduction case in 2014, where officials likewise made a series of denials and contradictory statements before admitting that some 276 children had gone missing. As of Friday morning there was still no solid information on the number of girls believed to be missing. While some are thought to have been abducted, others may have fled to safety in surrounding villages and simply not yet contacted their parents. Mobile phone reception is limited in much of Nigeria's remote rural north. Sandals are strewn in the yard of the Government Girls Science and Technical College staff quarters in Dapchi, Nigeria, on February 22, 2018  Credit: AMINU ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty Images On Wednesday, government officials told the Reuters news agency that around 50 girls were still missing. But one parent, Bashir Manzo, told the Associated Press news agency that parents had presented the state governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, with a list of 101 missing children at Thursday's official briefing. “[Mr Gaidam] told us the girls have not been found and we should continue to pray for their safe return,” another parent, Rabiu Sani, told the AP.   The flow of official misinformation over the case is likely anger President Muhamamdu Buhari, who was critical of his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan's handling of the Chibok case. Earlier this week, he despatched a team of ministers to the area in an attempt to demonstrate that he was responding quickly to the situation. “I share the anguish of all the parents and guardians of the girls that remain unaccounted for,” Mr Buhari tweeted on Wednesday evening. “I would like to assure them that we are doing all in our power to ensure the safe return of all the girls.”

Nigerian president apologises for Boko Haram schoolgirl kidnap

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President Buhari apologises for the suspected abductions, as parents say 100 remain missing.


WATCH: Nigeria's bobsled team makes Olympic history

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These athletes made history at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


'105 girls missing' in NE Nigeria after Boko Haram school attack

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More than 100 girls are reported missing after a Boko Haram school attack in northeast Nigeria this week that President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday called a "national disaster". But locals in the remote town of Dapchi, in Yobe state, said they had been left vulnerable to attack because soldiers had been withdrawn in the last few weeks. Nigeria's government has been scrambling to contain a growing crisis that has revived memories of the 2014 mass abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls from Chibok that shocked the world. The attack has also raised questions about the military's repeated claims that the Islamist militants are on the verge of defeat, after nearly nine years of bitter fighting....


105 girls missing after Boko Haram school attack: Parents

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February 24, 2018 1:58 AM
KANO, Nigeria (AFP) - More than 100 girls are missing after a Boko Haram attack on a school in north-east Nigeria earlier this week, parents told AFP on Friday (Feb 23).

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Boko Haram: Profile of a jihadist threat

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Nigeria's Boko Haram, suspected of another mass kidnapping of school girls, started out as an Islamic anti-corruption group but mutated into an IS affiliate waging a lethal insurgency. Boko Haram aims to create a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria -- a campaign that has cost at least 20,000 lives since 2009 and at its peak displaced 2.6 million from their homes. Founder and spiritual leader Mohammed Yusuf pinned the blame for Nigeria's ills on Western values left by colonial master Britain, criticised the country's corrupt secular regime for neglecting development in Muslim regions and advocated a return to fundamentalist Islam.


Pressure on Nigerian government after admitting 'rescued' girls are still missing

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The Nigerian government backtracked after initially claiming the girls had been rescued.


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