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Nigel Farage ridicules Russia-Trump connection claims: 'My only link to Russia is drinking the vodka'

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have also faced allegations about whether Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum.  Speaking from the conference stage on Friday, Mr Farage gave a lengthy rebuttal to the claims and suggested the only Russian connection he had was found in his drinking habits.  “I’ve read that actually I’m at the centre of an international spiders’ web. I’m the one person connecting Trump, Putin and Julian Assange,” Mr Farage said.  “I’ve been running memory sticks back and forth from the White House and the Kremlin to Assange. And I have to tell you, I hadn’t realised I’m that important, I really hadn't." He added: “Well let me tell you: I’ve never been to Russia, I’ve never been to Moscow, I’ve never met a Russian operative or agent, I’ve never done business in Russia, I’ve never taken money from Russia. I may be guilty of drinking the odd Russian vodka.  “But I know, from my own part in this story, that the whole thing can be summed up by a simple term. It is just fake news.” Mr Farage also praised Mr Trump as exceeding expectations as president, saying he had “proved wrong” critics who said he would “embarrass” America.  He said “the biggest single danger to those huge victories that were achieved back in 2016 is complacency” and urged conservatives to get out for Mr Trump in the mid-term elections.  Mr Farage said: “We have managed to change the course of history. But what we now have to do is to make sure that change of direction, that change of history, is not just a short-term phenomenon.” 

‘We STUFFED the establishment!’ Farage receives OVATION as Trump fans praise ‘Mr Brexit'

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NIGEL Farage has received a standing ovation at the CPAC summit in America after giving a passionate speech in favour of Donald Trump and Brexit.


‘France first!’ Marion Marechal-Le Pen calls for France to follow Farage as she BLASTS EU

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FRENCH National Front leadership favourite Marion Marechal-Le Pen has blasted the EU and claimed her country should follow in the footsteps of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump by putting “France first”.


Bad Boys of Brexit return to USA as Nigel Farage to praise Donald Trump at key conference

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BREXIT champion Nigel Farage will pay tribute to Donald Trump next week when he addresses America’s largest annual gathering of conservative activists as the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ return to the United States.


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