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New Cold War? Iran 'have SHOCK proof' secretive NUCLEAR talks were HACKED by spy agencies

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SECRETIVE intelligence agencies were desperately “spying” on Iran, the country’s foreign minister claimed after revealing he has shocking proof that top secret nuclear meetings were hacked.


Intel's first Core i3 with Turbo Boost elevates Intel's budget chip into premium territory

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Normally, the addition of a mobile Intel Core i3 chip wouldn’t be cause for excitement. But the new Core i3-8130U adds something special: Turbo Boost, a capability that Intel hasn’t added to its mobile Core i3 chips before now.
Intel launched the, a dual-core, four-thread, 15W mobile chip for mainstream laptops and two-in-ones, a member of the mobile Kaby Lake (14nm) family.
On the surface, the specs of the new Core i3-8130U are unimpressive: a 2.2,GHz base frequency, UHD 620 graphics, and 2,133 MHz (LPDDR3) or 2,400 MHz (DDR4) memory support. But the new boost frequency also kicks up the chip’s potential top speed to 3.4GHz, which makes the 8130U the fastest mobile Core i3 Intel offers.

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'Don't use showgirls to sell roof tiles'

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The construction industry issues a new code of conduct over use of "promo girls" to sell its products.


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