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Bangladesh agrees with Myanmar to complete Rohingya return in two years

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Bangladesh and Myanmar agreed on Tuesday to complete within two years the return of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled an army crackdown last year in Myanmar.


Bangladesh, Myanmar agree on Rohingyas

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Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed to complete within two years the return of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled an army crackdown last year in Myanmar.


Myanmar And Bangladesh Agree To 2-Year Timeframe For Rohingya Return

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Over 655,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar, where alleged ethnic cleansing is underway. Now, the two countries have agreed to a schedule for repatriation — but will the Rohingya actually return?


The Insult, Lebanon’s Oscar Candidate, Is an Evenhanded Exploration of Racial Animus

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In the Lebanese drama The Insult (a probable Oscar nominee), a relatively minor interaction between two men mushrooms into a national tumult in which Christians are pitted against Muslims, each side proclaiming its victimhood with increasing violence. In its sensitivity to both men’s subjective experience of the incident, Ziad Doueiri’s ...

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Muslim clerics order END of suicide bombs in terror crackdown - ‘It is HARAAM!’

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MUSLIM clerics have declared suicide bomb attacks “haraam” in a bid to end Islamic extremism, issuing a powerful “fatwa” or religious directive.

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Bangladesh, Myanmar agree on Rohingya plan

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Bangladesh has agreed to complete the process of returning Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar within two years after repatriation begins following a meeting of the neighbours to implement a pact signed last year.


CAIR Exec: What American Muslims Can Do Today With Dr. King’s Lessons

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Coordination is key

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Muslim leaders get pushback on plans to build mosque in residential neighborhood

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'There are very few sellers in the community who are willing to work with us. ... Several said the land is for sale but not for us.'


A year of Donald Trump: What has the 45th president done so far?

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Donald Trump made a wealth of promises before taking office: building a wall along the border with Mexico, ditching Barack Obama’s flagship healthcare policy, and stopping Muslims entering the country were on his to-do list. A year on, these are the policies he has managed to enact and the pledges he has broken: Repealing Obamacare Republicans should just REPEAL failing ObamaCare now & work...

Key moments in year one of the Trump presidency

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Out of the blue, one week after taking office, Trump decreed a 90-day ban on arrivals of people from seven Muslim majority countries and a 120-day ban on all refugee arrivals. Chaos broke out at US airports, with travelers detained upon arrival, and Americans nationwide staged protests against a measure seen as discriminating against Muslims -- though Trump said it aimed to keep out extremists. Trump's move kicked off a legal saga that has dragged on through the first year of his presidency -- and is not yet over.


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