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Focus: Spend an Adventure Vacation for an Ultimate Holiday Experience

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If you do not want to spend a boring holiday by visiting historical spots and sightseeing city landmarks, then a great thing you can do is to spend an adventurous vacation on some exotic location. Adventure holidays are becoming more and more popular each day as they are unconventional and provide great adrenaline rush. No matter whether you love the beach or you enjoy mountains more – there are a lot of adventure trips designed for any taste.

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7 remote luxury lodges to escape the crowds

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Far from the madding crowds, these off-the-beaten-track lodges – tucked away amid mountains and set on vast desert plains – combine solitude with all the luxuries of a high-end hotel. The Houses of Gökçe Gemile, Turkey Few Turks, let alone foreign tourists, know about Gökçe Gemile bay and its turtle-happy turquoise waters. The sole construction is …


Postcard-perfect images of Norway

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See stunning photos of fjords, waterfalls and mountains - not to mention the northern lights.

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Billy Graham's body to make journey to his hometown of Charlotte

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Crowds are expected to watch the procession pass through the town of Black Mountain as it heads to the interstate for an approximately 130-mile journey


The day the mountain fell: Sierra Leone's mudslide

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A look at how and why predictions of environmental disaster were ignored in a country recovering from war and disease.

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We may be able to see mountains and valleys on distant worlds

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If alien planets have canyons and mountains like ours, we may be able to catch a glimpse of them in an exoplanet’s shadow as it passes in front of its star

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Kalkidan Yibeltal: Is this the world's toughest commute?

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In the remote mountains of northern Ethiopia, a lone priest scales a 250m cliff each day to reach his church.


Lisa Marie Presley's Ex Says Her Math Is Way Off, She Can Pay for His Lawyers

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Lisa Marie Presley is lying about the mountain of debt she claims to be under, and about how much money she's earning ... according to her estranged husband, Michael Lockwood ... TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story ... LMP says she's $16 million in...


This Martian Crater Has a Weirdly Earth-Like Secret

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NASA's Mars rover Opportunity was exploring an uncharted Martian valley last month when it encountered a shockingly familiar sight: Streams of rocks and gravel stretched down the hillside of Perseverance Valley — a roughly 600-foot (183 meters) drop down the inner slope of a crater — in seemingly organized rows. The patterns closely resemble so-called "rock stripes" seen on certain mountains on Earth, NASA said in a statement. Perseverance Valley is thought to have been carved hundreds of thousands of years ago by a combination of water, ice and wind — already making the spot unusual by Martian standards, NASA wrote.


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