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Nationalism — and heckling — take spotlight at conservative conference

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Immigration used to prompt a vigorous debate at the annual CPAC gathering. Some are now wondering whether the argument inside the Republican Party is over.


‘The Snake’: How Trump appropriated a radical black singer’s lyrics for immigration fearmongering

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A former communist from Chicago wrote the song in the 1960s, decades before Trump turned it into an anti-immigrant fable.


Nationalism and — and heckling — take spotlight at Trump-friendly CPAC

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The year's largest gathering of conservative activists transformed into something else over a long weekend outside of Washington: A celebration of nationalism, American sovereignty and new limits on immigration.
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the youngest member of France's far-right political dynasty,...


Italy's anti-immigration party "Casa Pound" hopes to be the voice of the new government

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Voters go to the polls in Italy next week to choose a new Parliament. Political parties held rallies on Saturday ahead of the national elections on March 4. A far-right anti-immigration party called "Casa Pound" is on the rise in Italy and hoping to have a voice in the new government. Seth Doane reports.


Trump speaks to conservatives in CPAC conference

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The US President has spoken at America's largest gathering of conservatives, telling them what they wanted to hear on familiar themes from immigration to North Korea.


15 Claims From Donald Trump’s Speech to Conservatives, Fact Checked

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The president mixed facts and falsehoods while talking about immigration, gun policy, trade, climate, taxes and other topics.


Citizenship agency removes description of US as 'nation of immigrants'

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Immigrants become American citizens during a naturalization ceremony. The government agency in charge of granting citizenship to prospective Americans has removed a passage from its mission statement that describes the United States as a nation of immigrants. The move by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency was first revealed via an email shared with the Intercept, confirmed by the Guardian Thursday.


Widow says Indiana candidate's immigration ad politicizes her husband's death: 'Why would you do this?'

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The widow of an Uber driver killed in a suspected drunken driving crash said her family has been "devastated" by a political ad featuring her deceased husband, an Indianapolis Colts player who was also killed and the Guatemalan immigrant charged with their deaths. Deb Monroe, the widow of driver...


War on ‘SORDID’ people smugglers: Macron camp clamps down on immigration

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FRENCH interior minister Gérard Collomb said President Emmanuel Macron’s government had effectively declared “war” on people smugglers, whom he accused of fuelling the migrant crisis by facilitating the entry of undocumented immigrants into France.


US deportations target more non-criminals

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People arrested by US deportation officers increasingly have no criminal backgrounds, according to new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) figures, reflecting the Trump administration's commitment to cast a wider net.

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