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Huawei's Matebook X Pro is a svelte Surface Book with a hidden webcam for the paranoid

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Huawei’s Matebook X Pro is what happens when designers boil down Microsoft’s Surface Book line to its essentials, sprinkling a bit of paranoia on top for extra flavor.
Huawei’s flagship notebook improves upon the Huawei Matebook X that the company launched last year. Now with a 3,000x2,000-pixel display that takes after the Surface Book line, the 13.9-inch notebook will be sold in three configurations, with prices beginning at 1,499 Euros ($1,845 USD). Huawei will ship it to North America this spring, the company said. 
Three features distinguish the Matebook X Pro. First, the company is offering a discrete -graphics options within a 0.57-inch (14.6 mm) form factor—not ultrabook thin, but not as chunky as the 0.9-inch thick Surface Book 2, either. Huawei also achieved a 91-percent screen-to-body ratio, which helps pare down the bezel to create something that looks close to an edge-to-edge display. But that design feature also comes at a cost: Huawei removed the webcam and placed it underneath a function key on the keyboard.


Supreme Court to hear high-stakes Microsoft case testing email privacy

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The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on Tuesday in a digital privacy case that could have broad global consequences.


Microsoft fights US in high court to protect global business

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Microsoft has an eye on its customers around the world as it confronts the Trump administration in a Supreme Court fight about turning over emails to investigators


Microsoft fights US in high court to protect global business

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Microsoft has an eye on its international customers as it confronts the Trump administration in a Supreme Court fight about turning over emails to investigators. The justices will hear arguments Tuesday over whether the company, as part of an international drug trafficking investigation, must comply with an American warrant for emails stored [...]


U.S. Supreme Court weighs Microsoft overseas data fight

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A major privacy rights fight between Microsoft Corp and the Justice Department reaches the Supreme Court this week, with the justices considering whether U.S. law allows prosecutors to compel technology companies to hand over data stored overseas.


Bill & Melinda Gates: It's 'Not Fair' We're So Wealthy; Criticize Trump On America First

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda Gates, whose foundation spends around $4 billion in developing countries and c.$500 million in the U.S., have issued their latest annual open letter covering education, climate change and politics, and voice concern over President Trump's policies.


Skype Comes to Linux in a Snap

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Canonical has announced the availability of Skype as a Snap file, the universal Linux app packaging format. Skype now can deliver its communication service to a wider range of Linux users, not just those who run Canonical's Ubuntu Linux distribution. Skype, a Microsoft product, is an application that lets users make video and voice calls, and send files, video and instant messages.


Apple still towers over other IT companies in quarterly results

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Putting the latest quarterly financial results into a bar-chart shows just how much the IT business has changed since Big Blue ruled the world. Today both Google and Microsoft are bigger than IBM, while Apple is roughly four times bigger


Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer heckles Stephen Curry, fails

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Commentary: Ballmer thinks he can distract the world's best NBA shooter. It was reminiscent of his battles with Apple.

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From:'s Intelligent Assistant Comes to Microsoft Office's Intelligent Assistant Comes to Microsoft Office 365

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Workers can now use's AI-enabled, chat-based assistant to automate tasks using Microsoft Teams and Office 365.


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