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Apple HomePod: 6 things it can't do

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It's true, there are some things Apple's smart speaker just can't manage yet.

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How Italy could QUIT the Euro: ‘Election winners will CONFRONT EU’ MEP warns

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ITALY’S election winners will “confront the EU” about the country’s eurozone membership, according to a German MEP, in a move which could seriously threaten the stability of the bloc.


MEPs rip into European Union's over-reliance on Berlin – 'When Germany stops the EU stops'

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A SENIOR Belgian MEP has criticised the European Union for the bloc’s over-reliance on Berlin, insisting “when Germany stops leading gaps start to emerge” across the project.

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9 Ways Annihilation the Movie Differs from Annihilation the Book

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Finish Alex Garland’s Annihilation and you’ll find yourself sitting in a dark theater quietly murmuring, “What the…?” Finish Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation, meanwhile — the science-fiction novel that serves as the source material for Garland’s film — and … well, you’ll also find yourself sitting someplace quietly murmuring, “What the…?”The book ...

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[Ticker] Freedom of expression under threat in Spain, warn MEPs

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A group of 34 MEPs has called on the European Commission to check whether Spanish legislation on public offence is "fully aligned" with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The MEPs, from the Greens and GUE/NGL groups, as well as two liberals, say "freedom of expression under threat in Spain" after a rapper was sentenced for exaltation of terrorism and slander, a investigative book was seized and an exhibition "censored".


[Ticker] MEP Andrieu will chair parliament pesticide committee

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S&D MEP Eric Andrieu will chair the European Parliament's special committee to look into EU authorisation procedures on pesticides, sources from the parliament said on Thursday. The committee, composed of 30 MEPs, was set up on 6 February to respond to concerns raised by MEPs and European citizens over potential failures in scientific assessments, and the role of the commission and agencies in.


Which new iPads are coming in March? video

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New iPads are just around the corner. Can you really use mayo to remove HomePod "white rings"? And Apple employees are walking into the glass walls of their spaceship campus.


Apple HomePod: Everything you can do with Siri

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Just how much can Siri do on the HomePod? It's actually quite a bit.

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MEPs bar WMD and killer robots from new EU arms fund

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Industry committee says that new European defence fund must not support fully autonomous weapons or weapons of mass destruction.

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[Ticker] MEPs decide not to veto fossil fuel projects list

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An attempt by MEPs to veto a list of energy projects given preferential treatment failed on Wednesday. MEPs in the industry, research and energy committee voted against vetoing the list. Critics say too many projects on the 'Projects of Common Interest' list relate to fossil fuels. Only 15 MEPs supported a veto, while 44 wanted to maintain the list as proposed by the European Commission.


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