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No rules for California home schools, where 13 found captive

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Southern California home where authorities say two parents tortured their 13 children had doubled as a private school for the siblings but faced no government oversight and was never inspected by education officials.


California community reeling over Turpin 'house of horrors': 'I served them pizza while their children were starving?'

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The quiet California community of Perris has been left reeling after the discovery of 13 children  found chained and malnourished in squalid conditions in their parents' house. Matthew Alex Padilla, a 20-year-old former Marine, said he was sickened to learn that Louise Turpin, the woman he served pizza to near the Perris property, had a house full of starving children.  Mr Padilla has worked at Leonardi’s Pizza inside the WinCo supermarket for a year, and told The Telegraph he last saw Mrs Turpin a week or so ago. “Louise was in here every other day,” he said. “Sometimes with her husband, and a few times with a little girl, but never more than one. “We knew each other, and would chat – she was normal, if maybe a bit reserved. I had no idea she had 13 children, because she’d only ever order a slice of pepperoni, or a chicken club sandwich with no tomato. David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested after the discovery of the 13 children Credit: AFP “I’ve seen her buy food and eat, and yet there were 13 hungry kids at home? That’s messed up. They should be sentenced to a long time in jail. To do that to your kids – it’s not OK.” Louise and her husband David forced their offspring to march around the house, drill formation, at the dead of night, one neighbour claimed. Mike Clifford, a 60-year-old aerospace machinist, lived opposite the family for three years in Murrieta, where the couple rented a six-bedroom home between 2011 and 2014. Described by their family as “deeply religious”, the Turpins home-schooled their children and the youngsters were rarely seen in the community. “We thought they were mentally handicapped kids, so they kept them in,” said Mr Clifford, who worked late shifts and would catch sight of them in the evenings.  “I never saw them play. What we did used to see a lot was on the second floor, the kids would be walking in circles like they were marching for hours at a time. It was military like.”  He told the Mail Online he would see the Turpins bundling their children into their minivan at least twice a month in the early hours of the morning as he arrived home. Neighbours stand outside the house where the children were found Credit: Los Angeles Times “They would load up the kids at about one in the morning,” he said. “The garage doors would just pop open and half a dozen kids would get into the van and then they'd drive off. “My weirdest thought was that they were selling the kids, sexually or whatever.” Despite his concerns, Mr Clifford says he never saw anything that would have warranted a call to the police and said the children appeared clean, if “robotic” when spoken to. In 2014 the family moved up the road to Perris, from where the alarm was raised by their 17-year-old daughter on Sunday morning. Inside the house, police found 12 more of the couple’s children, aged two to 29, begging for water and food, some shackled to the bed in a stench-filled room. Gabriela Del Toro, manager at the Primos Mexican restaurant in Perris, said that Mrs Turpin would come in several times a week to get takeaway food – but never in family-sized quantities. “She was pleasant enough – there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary,” she said. “It’s mad to think that was going on just down the road.” The couple posted several pictures from family outings on their Facebook page  Mr Turpin’s parents were also left reeling by the news. James Turpin, who lives near Princeton, West Virginia, with his wife Betty, told his local newspaper that their son was “a fine person". David Turpin grew up in West Virginia’s Green Valley area and studied at Virginia Tech before moving away – first to Texas, then to California. "He did an outstanding job and worked in school, and the last time we were out there was about six years ago,” he said.  “The kids were fine. They were healthy and nothing was wrong. "I cannot understand. I'm going to talk to the kids as soon as they let me. I'm getting ready to make a call." Their other son, Randy, president of Valor Christian College in Ohio, said he was estranged from his brother and has taken leave to deal with the fallout. Yet on Mrs Turpin’s side of the family, a more damaging picture was presented. Elizabeth Jane Flores, her 41-year-old sister, appeared on US breakfast television on Wednesday and said her family tried "for years" to get in touch with her sister - but "she just shut us out of her life" for decades. "I want to reach out to the kids, I want them to know that for years we begged to Skype, we begged to see them, the whole family,” she said. The couple are being held on a $9 million bond Credit:  Barcroft Media Mrs Flores said she lived with her sister and brother-in-law for a few months when she was at university.  At the time, the couple only had four children and the eldest was in elementary school. "I thought they were really strict, but I didn't see any type of abuse," she said of the parents. "Now that I'm an adult, I look back, I see things that I didn't see then." She also said she had "uncomfortable" experiences with her brother-in-law but never told anyone because she was "young" and "scared." "He did things that made me feel uncomfortable," she said. "If I were to get in the shower, he would come in there while I was in there and watch me, and it was like a joke. He never touched me or anything." Mrs Flores said her mother drove for hours to visit the family in Texas at one point, but the Turpins didn't let her inside the house.  A few years later, Mrs Flores said, her father bought a flight to see the family but his daughter told him not to come, insisting she would visit them instead – which they never did. Another sister, Teresa Robinette, said that Mrs Turpin did not visit her parents even when they begged, on their death beds, to see her. “She didn’t even show up to either of their funerals,” she said. “So we have really no connection with Louise in a long, long time since we were young.” She said her sister had married Mr Turpin when she was 16. “We always thought she was living the perfect life. She would tell us they went to Disneyland all the time. They would go to Vegas.” But, she admits, in hindsight there were signs of neglect. “I always made comments to Louise when I talked to her about: ‘Gosh, they’re so skinny,’” she told NBC’s Today show. “And she would laugh it off: ‘Well David’s so tall and lanky, they’re going to be like him.’ “I can’t even say the words to you that I would like to say to her — I’m so angry inside.”

Kevin Hart, Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D. to headline 2018 NBA All-Star Game entertainment

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NEW YORK -- The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that comedy superstar Kevin Hart, 11-time Grammy® Award winner Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D will headline the 2018 NBA All-Star Game entertainment on Sunday, Feb. 18 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The 67th annual game will air live at 8 p.m. ET on TNT and will be seen by fans in more than 200 countries and territories in more than 40 languages.


Starved California siblings treated after rescue from 'horrific' home

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David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49 - had subjected their children to abuse behind the doors of their darkened, foul-smelling home, Captain Greg Fellows of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said. The couple, who three times had traveled to Las Vegas to renew their wedding vows at an Elvis chapel, was arrested on Sunday. Authorities were alerted after one of the children, an emaciated, 17-year-old girl, called police after escaping through a window of the house in Perris, a city about 70 miles (115 km) east of Los Angeles.


Suit targets California utilities over deadly mudslides

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two utilities were sued Tuesday for the widespread destruction from last week's deadly mudslides that were caused when hillsides ravaged by California's largest-ever wildfire let loose in heavy rain.


Thirteen siblings 'held captive' by parents in Perris, California: 'Deeply religious' couple arrested on torture charges

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The American couple who allegedly tortured and imprisoned their 13 children were Elvis fanatics who believed “God called on them” to give birth so many times.  David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were said to have forced their children to memorise passages of the Bible during “very strict” home schooling sessions.  Family members were reportedly kept away, with the children’s grandparents saying they had not seen them for around five years and an aunt saying she had not visited for 19 years.  David and Louise Turpin joined by their children - wearing matching outfits - as they renewed their wedding vows in 2015 Credit: Facebook The couple had their vows renewed by an Elvis impersonator three times, often with their children identically dressed looking on, according to photographs and footage.  The family had also filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and were said to have racked up debts of up to $500,000 despite Mr Turpin’s job as an engineer earning $140,000 a year.  Police custody images of David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin Credit: JOSE ROMERO /AFP/Getty Children lived in 'filthy' and 'foul-smelling' house The details emerged as a shocked America attempted to understand how an apparently mild-mannered middle-aged couple had allegedly committed such a heinous crime.  The pair have been charged with nine counts of torture and 10 of child endangerment after being arrested at their home in Perris, California. It followed a dramatic rescue of thirteen children aged between 2 and 29 who were discovered starving and some chained to items of furniture in the “filthy” and “foul-smelling” house.  Police only made the discovery after a 17-year-old girl fled the property through a window, stole a mobile phone and alerted officers to the children’s plight.  She was so emaciated police thought she was only 10. David Allen Turpin and his wife Louise Anna Turpin in a picture posted on Facebook Credit: Facebook On arriving at the middle-class bungalow in Perris, a town of 70,000 situated 15 miles outside Riverside, they found the children kept in dark, squalid and stench-filled conditions.  Some were shackled to their beds. Many appeared far younger than their age because of the horrific conditions they appear to have been kept in, according to officials investigating the case.  The children are now being treated for malnutrition. Mother 'perplexed' by police involvement Greg Fellows, Riverside County sheriff's captain, revealed that Mrs Turpin had appeared "perplexed" as to why police were present at her home. "The conditions were horrific," he said. The children are all believed to be the Turpins' biological offspring, authorities said. Mr Fellows said the investigation has so far found no indication of sexual abuse but that the conditions amounted to torture. "If you can imagine being a 10-year-old and being chained to a bed ... I would call that torture," he said. Mr Fellows praised the "bravery" of the teenager who managed to flee the house of horrors "through a window". "I am very saddened to report on such a heartbreaking case," he said. "Just before 6am a 17-year-old called deputies from a deactivated phone...she explained she had escaped through a window. "She also showed some photos which proved what she was saying was accurate." A spokeswoman from the county's social services department said that the children appeared to have been held for a "prolonged period of time".  But Mr Fellows added: "They've been through a very traumatic ordeal. They're very friendly, they're very cooperative and they're hopeful that life will get better". Children attended Elvis wedding vows renewal Until the summer of 2016 the family’s activities were well-documented on Facebook; photos showed trips to the beach and to visit Father Christmas, and a smiling clan at Disneyland, wearing matching outfits. The last photos posted, in July 2016, showed the clan gathered in what appeared to be Las Vegas, with an Elvis impersonator performing their vow renewal ceremony.  David and Louise Turpin renew their wedding vows at an Elvis chapel on their 30th anniversary on October 31, 2015 Credit: Elvis Chapel/YouTube It was the third time they had been photographed with the exact same Elvis, in the exact same outfits, at the Elvis Chapel in Downtown Las Vegas  – Mrs Turpin’s changing hairstyles being the only difference. Kent Ripley, the Elvis impersonator at the chapel, said he was "still disturbed" by the reports of abuse.  "I mean they were sitting right around here three different times," he told Fox5 Vegas, indicating the rows of empty chairs in the chapel.  The Elvis impersonator serenades the couple during the ceremony Credit: Elvis Chapel/YouTube "[The Turpins] seemed to care about each other and care about the kids. They seemed to smile, the kids were smiling they didn't hide behind themselves, they were very quiet." The couple stare into each other's eyes as their children look on Credit: Elvis Chapel/YouTube The family outings appear to have all stopped last July – five months after Mrs Turpin’s mother, Phyllis Robinette, died aged 66 in Princeton, West Virginia. Shortly before she died, Mrs Robinette wrote on Facebook: “Would love to come and see you all.” Sister: 'something was not right' Mrs Turpin was one of six siblings, living as far afield as Guam, Georgia and Tennessee. Her sister, Elizabeth Flores, an author, has previously written about being abused as a child. On Tuesday she claimed she had not seen her sister in 19 years but knew that something was "not right" with her parenting style. She added that she was never allowed to visit her sister or speak to her nieces and nephews.  The 41-year-old, who lives in Cleveland, Tennessee, told DailyMailTV: "Something didn't seem right about her parenting but never would I have expected it to be like this". David Turpin poses with his children wearing matching Dr Seuss book-inspired outfits in April 2016 Credit: Facebook "We have been so worried about them because it's been so strange but there was nothing we could do. They wouldn't let anyone visit and we didn't know their address. I haven't seen her in 19 years. We would talk on the phone from time to time, but every time I would ask to talk to her kids, she wouldn't let me.  "My parents booked several flights to go see them but when they got there they wouldn't tell them where to go and my parents left crying every time. It's just heartbreaking and I'm so embarrassed about all of this."  Couple believed 'God called on them' to have so many children Mr Turpin’s parents James and Betty, who live in West Virginia, described their son and his wife as being "deeply religious" and believing God had "called on them" to have so many children. They were in the Pentecostal faith, the parents added. David and Louise Turpin with their children on a family outing Credit: Facebook They told ABC News that their grandchildren, whom they had not seen in around five years, were given "very strict home-schooling" and would memorise long passages in the Bible. In March 2011, Mr Turpin registered in state records as head of a private school, the Sandcastle Day School, with its address that of the family home. The school only had six students. House in a middle-class neighbourhood with four vehicles outside Despite there being four cars parked outside, neighbours said they rarely saw the children outside the home, and were stunned to hear that 13 were living inside. The home in Perris, California, where the children were discovered Credit: Marcus Yam /Los Angeles Times/Getty  Some local residents said they sometimes saw some of the children come outside to work on the lawn together and then go back in together at the same time. Neighbours outside the home as the police investigation is launched Credit: Marcus Yam /Los Angeles Times/Getty One neighbour said: “They were very pale-skinned, almost like they'd never seen the sun. It was mostly girls. Kind of small-framed, kind of tiny. Almost looked a little malnutritioned (sic)." In 2011 the couple were declared bankrupt, with records showing that Mr Turpin was then working as an engineer for a defence contractor earning $140,000 a year, while his wife was listed as a homemaker. Turpin family house map Riverside County had become an emblem of bankruptcy and foreclosure during the depths of the recent recession, and court documents showed that the Turpins owed between $100,000 and $500,000. Ivan Trahan, the bankruptcy lawyer, told The New York Times that the parents spoke often about their children, although the youngsters never visited his law offices. The Turpins - along with extended family members - on a trip to Disneyland in California in 2011 Credit: Facebook “They spoke about them highly,” he said, adding that Mrs Turpin told him that the family loved Disneyland in Southern California and visited often. “We remember them as a very nice couple. This is shocking.” Sophia Grant, a child abuse pediatrician who is treating the 13 children, suggested they may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following their ordeal.  Mr Turpin and Mrs Turpin are being held at the Robert Presley Detention Centre in Riverside, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, unable to provide the $9 million bail each set by the judge. On Thursday the couple will appear in court in Riverside. The children remain in hospital undergoing treatment and child services will now seek a court order to have oversight over the 13 children, including those over the age of 18. Mark Uffer, the chief executive of Coronal Regional medical centre, said his facility was treating seven of the adult children. "It's hard to think of them as adults, they are so small," Mr Uffer said, adding that they clearly malnourished but stable and very friendly.  Video: Elvis impersonator conducts ceremony

The World's Busiest Air Routes In 2017 [Infographic]

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The world's busiest air route isn't from New York to Los Angeles, nor is it from London to Paris. Surprisingly, perhaps, the world's most crowded flight path is the 282 mile connection between the South Korean island of Jeju and the capital Seoul.


Silence Is Golden This Offseason For LA Dodgers

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Sustained success is easy when you're as clever as the Los Angeles Dodgers.


California couple who held 13 children captive due in court

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A California couple arrested on suspicion of torture was due in court on Thursday after investigators discovered they were holding their 13 malnourished children captive in a suburban home. David Allen Turpin, 57, and his wife Louise Anna Turpin, 49, had registered their home as a school, but instead of teaching materials, investigators found signs of torture inside. Sheriff's deputies in Perris, a town southeast of Los Angeles, found three children shackled with chains and padlocks in their filthy, foul-smelling home Sunday after receiving an emergency assistance call from their 17-year-old sister who had managed to escape.


Los Angeles security guard suspected of raping dozens of women, some as young as 15, arrested after victim escapes

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A security guard who was arrested after a prostitute fell out of his car is suspected of raping more than a dozen women or girls as young as 15 at gunpoint in Los Angeles County, police said Wednesday.
Ferdinand Ervin Flowers, 35, of Long Beach, pleaded not guilty Wednesday with kidnapping to commit...


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