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These LED bulbs offer 100 watts worth of light: Which is best?

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100-watt replacement LEDs like these are plenty bright and surprisingly affordable. Let's put them to the test.

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From wooden sleds in a Texas garage to the Winter Olympics for Nigeria

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The journey begins in a Texas garage, where an international track and field athlete constructs a makeshift wooden sled.


Ring's Spotlight Cam turns on LEDs when it detects activity

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Ring's Spotlight Cam (wired version) is a plug-in HD live streaming camera with a built-in siren and automated LEDs.

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Germany leads, US 2nd after 2 runs of women's bobsled

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Here they go again: Medalists from 2014 challenging again in women's bobsled, with German sleds being the ones to catch


At the Bobsled Track, Women Push for Equality

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The men get two bobsled races, a two-man and four-man event. So why do women only compete in the two-man sleds?

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Computers aid discovery of new, inexpensive material to make LEDs with high color quality

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Computers have helped researchers develop a new phosphor that can make LEDs cheaper and render colors more accurately. Researchers predicted the new phosphor using supercomputers and data mining algorithms, then developed a simple recipe to make it in the lab. Unlike many phosphors, this one is made of inexpensive, earth-abundant elements and can easily be made using industrial methods. As computers predicted, the new phosphor performed well in tests and in LED prototypes.

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2018 Winter Olympics: Canada, Germany tie for gold in two-man bobsled

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Canada and Italy shared gold in 1998 — and Italy got the gold over West Germany in 1968, even though both sleds had the same time.


Bobsleigh: Canada's Kripps has gold in his sights

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Canada's Justin Kripps was closing on his first Olympic gold medal in the two-man bobsleigh final on Monday as German sleds in second and third place threatened to spoil his party with one run left.


Electronic skin animates heartbeat on the back of your hand

Added: 17.02.2018 12:00 | 0 views | 0 comments

A flexible e-skin containing a few hundred micro LEDs can display your vital signs or messages from your doctor


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