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Fishermen dive into river moments before motorboat smashes into vessel

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A group of fisherman were forced to dive into a freezing cold river to escape being crushed by a motorboat bearing down on their small vessel. Bryan Maess was fishing with friends near the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon when the motorboat crashed straight into the small boat in August last year. Footage captured on a GoPro mounted inside the fishing boat shows Mr Maess frantically waving at the boat as it approaches to get the driver’s attention. He repeatedly shouts ‘hey!’ as the vessel gets closer, while another on board is heard saying ‘oh my god’ before the trio dive into the water. Mr Maess has filed a $372,500 (£270k) lawsuit against the driver of the boat, who told police he could not see the fishing party as the dash of his boat was blocking his view, The Oregonian reports. The trip were forced to dive into the water  The fisherman suffered injuries to his ankle, leg and arms in the incident and has had vision problems and headaches since, the lawsuit says. Mr Maess claims in the suit that the boat driver, Marlin Lee Larsen, was distracted while using his mobile phone when the incident occurred. However Mr Larsen told local media the allegations were “fake news”. The 75-year-old has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges of the reckless operation of a boat, fourth-degree assault and recklessly endangering the lives of others. The case is ongoing. There are no laws prohibiting the use of a mobile phone when driving a boat in Oregon, however there are laws against operating a boat without due care. Investigators say the trio could have been killed or seriously injured if they hadn’t jumped into the water.


Congressional investigators subpoena Steve Bannon

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Democrat says Bannon declined to answer after counsel spoke with White House.


Bannon agrees to Mueller interview but delays Hill return as White House seeks to limit testimony

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Former top White House strategist Steve Bannon has agreed to be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, but his lawyer pushed back against House investigators' demands for an audience Thursday afternoon, arguing there is insufficient time to get the White House's sign-off on what...


California couple who held 13 children captive due in court

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A California couple arrested on suspicion of torture was due in court on Thursday after investigators discovered they were holding their 13 malnourished children captive in a suburban home. David Allen Turpin, 57, and his wife Louise Anna Turpin, 49, had registered their home as a school, but instead of teaching materials, investigators found signs of torture inside. Sheriff's deputies in Perris, a town southeast of Los Angeles, found three children shackled with chains and padlocks in their filthy, foul-smelling home Sunday after receiving an emergency assistance call from their 17-year-old sister who had managed to escape.


Multi-state meth, pot ring involving the US mail is busted

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Two suspected leaders of a multi-state drug trafficking ring have been charged for their role in the operation, as investigators said the pair sent hundreds of pounds of crystal meth and marijuana through the US Postal Service.


Bannon agrees to Mueller interview but objects to immediate return before Hill committee

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Former top White House adviser and Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon has agreed to an interview for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation likely to take place later this month, but his lawyer is pushing back against House investigators' demands for an audience Thursday afternoon,...


Suspect charged with murder in college student's killing

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SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A former high school classmate of a University of Pennsylvania student found stabbed and buried in a California park was charged Wednesday with murder and investigators were looking for evidence of a hate crime, a prosecutor said.


Police comb home of starving siblings

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Investigators have conducted an exhaustive search of the foul-smelling, filthy home east of Los Angeles where a California couple are accused of keeping captive and nearly starving 13 minor and adult children.


Steve Bannon: Former White House strategist 'strikes deal to avoid grand jury in Russia meddling probe'

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Former White House strategist Steve Bannon will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators rather than appearing before a grand jury, according to reports.


Former high-profile Philly chef sentenced for child porn

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Prosecutors said chef Alexander Capasso exchanged pornographic images with investigators


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