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Ericsson adds to 5G portfolio with radio dot

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Ericsson has added an indoor small cell solution to its 5G portfolio, with the 5G Radio Dot to be tested at the end of this year ahead of commercial availability in 2019.

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3 Easy Ways to Invest in India for 2018

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Here's how to get access to this exciting emerging market.

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The UK millionaire with Bollywood dreams

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Jasbir Wouhra says he has loved singing ever since he was a four-year-old, growing up in India.

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The Indian schoolchildren who are bullied for being Muslim

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In her book Mothering a Muslim, writer Nazia Erum says children as young as five are being targeted.


Chicago group sues US Steel over Indiana plant's discharges

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An environmental group is suing U.S. Steel, alleging that one of the company's northwestern Indiana plants has repeatedly violated its wastewater permit with illegal discharges.


Wife of ex-Indiana GOP congressman seeking legislative seat

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GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — The wife of a former northern Indiana congressman who came under ethics investigation for spending campaign contributions on personal expenses is becoming a state legislative candidate. Christy Stutzman has announced she’ll run for an Indiana House seat representing parts of Elkhart County. Current Republican state Rep. Wes Culver of Goshen isn’t [...]


Hebbar's Kitchen and the Indian couple behind a food video empire

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The wildly popular videos on Hebbar's Kitchen have focused on Indian audiences and vegetarian food.


Trump Shoots Down Netanyahu Remarks On US Embassy Move This Year

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In an exclusive interview with Reuters Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump shot down the notion the U.S. would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within a year. In comments made earlier Wednesday during a trip to India, the Israeli prime minister said of the move, “my solid assessment is that it will go much faster than you think – within a year from now,” Press TV reported. “By the end of the year? We’re talking about different scenarios – I mean obviously that would be on a temporary basis. We’re not really looking at that. That’s no.” – US President Donald Trump’s reaction to moving embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Last month, Trump’s own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson...


DiDio All But Confirms JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes Series On the Way

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DiDio All But Confirms JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes Series On the Way
DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio seems to suggest there are indeed plans for new Justice Society and Legion of Super-Heroes comics.


Israel-India guided missile deal back on track, says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday (Jan 17) during a tour of India he had been informed by the Indian government that it had decided to put a major anti-tank missile deal back on track.


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