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Boy is given new skin thanks to gene therapy

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A medical team has successfully treated a child suffering from extensive skin damage using transplants derived from genetically modified stem cells. The boy is a so-called butterfly child: he suffers from epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic skin disease that had destroyed approximately 80 percent of his epidermis.


Diabetes: Can gene therapy normalize blood glucose levels?

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Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have shown that alpha cells can be reprogrammed into beta cells to restore blood glucose levels in diabetes.


Gene therapy using ‘junk DNA’ could lower risk for heart disease

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Researchers successfully used a gene that suppresses cholesterol levels as part of a treatment to reduce plaque in mice with a disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia. In a preclinical study, researchers found that the gene, LeXis, lowered cholesterol and blockages in the arteries, and the treatment appeared to reduce the build-up of fat in liver cells.


Scientists improve DNA transfer in gene therapy

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Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, cystic fibrosis - these and many other fatal hereditary human diseases are genetically transmitted. Many cancers and cardiovascular diseases are also caused by genetic defects. Gene therapy is a promising possibility for the treatment of these diseases. With the help of genetically modified viruses, DNA is introduced into cells in order to repair or replace defective genes. By using this method, scientists have discovered a quicker and more efficient treatment for the cells.


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