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U.K. appoints ‘loneliness minister’ to tackle social isolation, experts say Canada needs one too

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The appointment of a minister of loneliness in the U.K. to tackle social isolation is an acknowledgment of a problem Canadian experts say needs to be addressed here as well.

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[Ticker] 'Mutagenesis' falls outside EU's GMO rules, says EU top lawyer

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The breeding method called mutagenesis is exempt from EU law regulating the authorisation of GMOs, the European Court of Justice's advocate general said on Thursday, in a non-binding opinion. Unlike GMOs, . The case was brought to the court by France after small-scale farmers said mutagenesis carries risks for health and the environment. A formal ruling will follow.

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Strong storm blasts northern Europe causing transport chaos

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport suspended all flights for nearly an hour Thursday and the Dutch national rail service halted trains across the country as a powerful storm battered the Netherlands and lashed other parts of Europe. Schiphol tweeted shortly after 11 a.m. (1000 GMT) that it was halting all takeoffs and landings "until further notice" because of the severe weather conditions. The airport later said flights would likely resume around noon (1100 GMT). Flag carrier KLM already had scrapped more than 200 flights before the storm. National broadcaster NOS reported that the...

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[Ticker] Poll: Germans prefer Gabriel to Schulz for vice-chancellor

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More Germans would prefer Sigmar Gabriel as vice-chancellor than SPD chief Martin Schulz, according to a YouGov/DPA survey published on Thursday. It found that 33 percent wanted Gabriel to remain deputy to chancellor Angela Merkel in a new coalition government, while only 22 percent wanted Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament, in the post.

Terrorist screening lawsuit by CAIR backs 5 Muslim Americans

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A civil rights group has filed a court challenge to the federal government's Terrorist Screening Database, alleging it stigmatizes its targets without due process.

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President Donald Trump Reveals 11 Winners Of ‘Fake News Awards,’ Causing GOP Website To Crash

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President Donald Trump has finally revealed all 11 winners of his “Fake News Awards,” causing so much ripple online to the point of breaking the GOP website.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the 71-year-old POTUS made the announcement on Wednesday night via Twitter and shared a link where the list of his most hated media outlets and personalities are featured.
Interestingly, the shortly after he made the announcement, proving that his made-up awards have gained so much attention that the GOP’s could not handle it.
Fortunately, a couple of media outlets were quick at grabbing the full list of “winners” that includes the New York Times, CNN, TIME, ABC News, the Washington Post, and Newsweek.
On the top spot is NY Times columnist and American economist Paul Krugman who “claimed” that the country’s economy will never recover on the same day Trump became president with a “historic, landslide victory.”


The X-Files Recap: The Hangman’s Curse

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Chris Carter returns to pen this week’s episode, “Plus One,” an hour that works mostly as a standalone thriller but is far more effective for anyone who has a history with Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. In a sense, this is the most old-fashioned X-Files episode since the reboot as ...

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US pickups craze all about toughness, luxury

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When it came time to revamp the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, designers at General Motors knew they needed to beef up the look of the vehicle. GM also added an inch of height and more curves throughout the vehicle to give it more muscle.

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GM faces similar challenges in U.S., China with electric vehicles

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GM is expected to face some, but not all, of the same challenges in deploying electric vehicles across China as it does in the United States.


Strongman Xi Jinping Now a Big Risk for China's Economy

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China’s most powerful leader in decades has shown he can tackle economic issues that have plagued weaker predecessors. But that much power in one pair of hands creates its own problems

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