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Chris Wallace: A government shutdown 'could last a while'

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'Fox News Sunday' anchor weighs in on the shutdown showdown and latest negotiations to fund the government.


2018 preview: Last chance for new physics at the LHC for years

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It is almost six years since the LHC spotted the Higgs boson, and the collider will soon shut down for upgrades. Will it find anything else?

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Fox News Guest Goes Off The Rails: 'White Supremacists Are American Citizens'

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A guest on Fox News defended white supremacists over undocumented immigrants on Thursday evening.


Trump fans flock to a Mar-a-Lago for first-of-its-kind celebration

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"Welcome to Mar-a-Lago!" Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said as she took the stage. "A magnificent place . . . "
She was smiling. That was a setup. Here was the joke: "It sure ain't no shithole!" Pirro said.
The Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom erupted.
On Thursday night at Mar-a-Lago - at a first-of-its-kind...

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Congressman channels internet conspiracy theory in claiming 'credible evidence' links Las Vegas gunman to ISIS, Mexican border

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Between the ticking clock on a government shutdown and a growing White House sex scandal, there was plenty of news to discuss on cable television on Thursday night. Fox News's Tucker Carlson, however, devoted airtime last night to update viewers on developments in the October 1 mass shooting in...


FOX NEWS FIRST: Clock ticking on government shutdown; Shocking FISA surveillance abuses stun lawmakers

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Plus, the return of a Russian spy ship


Russian spy ship spotted off US coast a year ago returns to region

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The Russian spy ship first spotted near American waters last year is back, Fox News can confirm.


Hackers Messaged Donald Trump With Former Fox News Hosts' Twitter Accounts

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The Twitter accounts of two former Fox News hosts were hacked on Tuesday, resulting in both of their feeds being filled with Turkish propaganda supporting the country’s controversial president.


Tucker Carlson melts down on air, says “up yours” to elected official

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The Fox News host called a Chicago alderman a "loathsome little demagogue" for daring to point out his racism


Fox host: Democrats are “potentially racist against” Trump

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On Fox News, Bob Massi asks if Trump opponents are the REAL racists


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