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The AR-15 and America's love of military-style weapons

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Time and again, America's worst mass shootings have featured a common thread: the killer's use of a military-style assault rifle that is inexpensive, easy to use and deadly efficient. The type of weapon, commonly known as the AR-15, is once again under scrutiny with critics calling for a ban after last week's massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon, meaning a user can fire off multiple shots in quick succession.


Trump: Arm some teachers to 'fire back if a savage sicko came to a school'

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President Trump denied that he wants to arm teachers with guns, despite seeming to offer that suggestion during a “listening session” about school shootings the day before.


New strikes kill 13 in Damascus suburb of Ghouta, continuing days of fatal fire

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A new wave of deadly Syrian government bombardment in the opposition-held eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus on Thursday killed 13 people as world leaders and aid groups called for an end to the carnage that has left hundreds of people dead in recent days.
The airstrikes on rebel towns in...


Florida officials can be removed from office and fined $5,000 for attempting to enforce stricter gun controls

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While Florida's lawmakers refuse to consider banning assault weapons following the Parkland school shooting, some local politicians say they want to act. Florida’s statute gives the state sole authority to regulate firearms. Towns, cities and counties have been banned from making their own gun laws since the 1987, but it was only seven years ago that the state’s Republican-controlled House introduced the threat of penalties.


Stormzy to Theresa May: Where's the money for Grenfell?

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Rapper praised for challenging government's lack of support to victims of deadly fire as Number 10 goes on defensive.


What Does the Second Amendment Say? A History of the Oft-Debated Constitutional Article

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Those against gun control argue that regulating firearms infringes on an individual’s "right to bear arms."

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GOP lawmaker's aide fired over offensive claims on Florida shooting survivors

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A Florida state representative's aide was fired from his position on Tuesday after he sent an email to a reporter alleging that two outspoken survivors of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were "actors."


Trump defends arming teachers to stop a 'sicko shooter'

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President Trump defended his position on giving teachers guns to protect students during school shootings in a Thursday tweet storm, saying he wants "adept" educators with concealed guns to fire back at a "sicko shooter."


Stormzy urges UK PM to find answers

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British Prime Minister Theresa May is determined to find answers to last year's Grenfell tower block fire disaster, after rapper Stormzy criticised the government response at the Brit music awards.


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