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FBI agents approached Steve Bannon to discuss Russia probe subpoena

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FBI agents showed up at Steve Bannon’s Washington home last week intent on serving him with a subpoena to appear before a grand jury investigating possible ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.


FBI: Man accused of obstructing terror probe had child porn

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Court documents say a Virginia man charged with obstructing a terrorism investigation had child pornography on a smartphone.

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FBI agents visited Bannon's home to discuss subpoena in Russia probe

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Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, could be interviewed by Mueller's team before the end of the month, one source tells NBC News.


Stalking CIA mole, FBI held off for 5 years before pouncing

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January 18, 2018 10:32 AM
WASHINGTON (NYTIMES) - Face to face with a former CIA officer in 2013, federal agents took a calculated risk.


Gap suggests FBI tried questioning espionage suspect before arrest

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FBI Agent Kellie O’Brien’s statement doesn’t say how much time elapsed between when she approached Lee and when he was actually arrested.

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FBI agents visited Bannon's house

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The former chief Trump strategist is of interest to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the House Intelligence Committee

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Tweak in foreign surveillance bill may not change much

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WASHINGTON (AP) — As the Senate nears renewal of a key U.S. spy program, law enforcement veterans and privacy advocates say the bill’s demand for a warrant in some cases when the FBI digs into Americans’ emails and other communications will amount to little more than a nuisance. The bill’s proponents say the new provision [...]


Ex-CIA officer arrested over collapse of China spy network

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The arrest of the former officer, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, capped an intense FBI inquiry that began around 2012, two years after the CIA began losing its informants in China.

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Trump adds 'treason' to FBI smear

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Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump's continued attack on the FBI and the investigation into his ties to Russia by accusing FBI agents who didn't want him to be president of treason.


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