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EU leaders nix transnational lists, cool on 'Spitzenkandidat'

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The 'Brussels bubble' ideas for transnational electoral lists was put on ice at the summit, while Jean-Claude Juncker's idea for an EU 'super president' was also rejected. The 'Spitzenkandidat' proposal backed by the European parliament also suffered a rebuff.


[Agenda] Election fever picks up This WEEK

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Italian general elections, a German coalition in the balance, and the European parliament fighting to get a voice in nominating an EU commission president. This and much a week packed with intrigue.


[Ticker] EU parliament president: 'The immigration problem is Africa'

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Antonio Tajani, the European parliament's president, told reporters on Friday that millions of people will leave Africa in the coming decades should outstanding issues of poverty, war, and climate change not be resolved. "The immigration problem is Africa. As I said in front of the heads of state, in 2050 we will have 2.5 billion people living in Africa," he said.

'We need money!' Tajani's DESPERATE plea as he outlines major threats to EU post-Brexit

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THE PRESIDENT of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said Brussels will have to work "hard" to get the financial means it needs to tackle the main threats to the Union as they lose the UK's vital contributions to the bloc.


[Opinion] Greek government's steady steps to exit bailout programme

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Growth predictions are positive, exports increasing, unemployment dropping and credit-ratings up, says the head of Greece's Syriza delegation to the European Parliament. Now the government in Athens is looking to design its own reform programme.


[Ticker] MEP Andrieu will chair parliament pesticide committee

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S&D MEP Eric Andrieu will chair the European Parliament's special committee to look into EU authorisation procedures on pesticides, sources from the parliament said on Thursday. The committee, composed of 30 MEPs, was set up on 6 February to respond to concerns raised by MEPs and European citizens over potential failures in scientific assessments, and the role of the commission and agencies in.


[Ticker] Juncker's right-hand man warns of 'institutional blockage'

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Martin Selmayr, the head of cabinet of European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, has warned of an EU "institutional blockage" next year, if EU leaders and the European Parliament cannot agree on the future commission's head. "It is possible that Juncker will be there for a longer time," ahead of Friday's summit where leaders will discuss the so-called Spitzenkandidat process for the European elections.

[Ticker] Tajani asks Juncker for all EMA Brexit relocation documents

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European Parliament president Antonio Tajani on Wednesday asked European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for all documents, including confidential ones, on the Dutch bid for Amsterdam to be the location of the post-Brexit European Medicines Agency (EMA), Italian news agency ANSA reported. Tajani said he needed "all the details" of the successful bid, which Italy is challenging on the grounds that Amsterdam is

[Ticker] Tusk all but rules out pan-EU candidates in 2019 elections

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EU leaders will discuss the idea of transnational electoral lists, allowing candidates for the European Parliament to run in multiple countries this Friday - however, an EU source told EUobserver it was unlikely to be set up by the 2019 elections. "This project is not without merit and is certainly worth discussing in view of the 2024 elections," said European Council president Donald Tusk in a letter to leaders.


Canete gets EU parliament pension while still commissioner

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Although not retired, European climate commissioner Miguel Arias Canete receives a pension from the European parliament on top of his monthly wages as commissioner.


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