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Minor League Baseball expanding Hispanic fan engagement initiative with national event series

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Minor League Baseball has announced the launch of "Copa de la Diversión," or "Fun Cup," a season-long event series specifically designed to embrace the culture and values that resonate most with participating teams' local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities.

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House in Scotch Cove / FBM Architecture | Interior Design

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Designed for an active couple in their seventies that will never retire, and their extended grown-up family, this house embraces living well while aging in place. It subscribes to timeless ideals about making good architecture. It is responsive to siting for placemaking while emphasizing light and views. It creates spatial richness within a modest program and budget. Structure is used as an organizer of shelter and space. The architecture combines materials that are climatically and culturally responsive.


Stigma continues to hamper response to opioid epidemic

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Efforts to reverse the nation's opioid epidemic remain beset by the stigma associated with drug use, a group of researchers write in a year-end review. The researchers emphasize the need for the American health care system to embrace medications such as methadone to treat opioid use disorder, provide addiction treatment in primary care clinics and develop non-addictive alternatives for chronic pain.

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E-cigarette aerosols caused embryo defects in the laboratory

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E-cigarettes are more popular than ever, but could they harm the developing embryo? According to the latest study, it is possible.


What Do Jotted Talking Points Say About Trump’s Empathy?

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Consoler in chief has been a role that President Trump has been slow and somewhat reluctant to embrace — especially in contrast to his predecessor.


Alex Cora Is the Very Model of a Modern Baseball Manager

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Cora, the Red Sox’ new manager, embraces analytics, can communicate well with young players and has a long history in baseball. His experience in TV doesn’t hurt, either.


For Women Insecure About Their 'Big' Noses, a New Campaign Takes on the Stigma

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After years of being teased about her nose, journalist Rahdika Sanghani created the hashtag #sideprofileselfies to encourage women to embrace their large noses.


Exceptionally preserved eggs and embryos reveal the life history of a pterosaur

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The pterosaur record is generally poor, and pterosaur eggs are even rarer. Only a handful of isolated occurrences of eggs and embryos have been reported so far. Three-dimensionally preserved eggs include one from Argentina and five reported from the Turpan-Hami Basin, Xinjiang, northwestern China in 2014.

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Embracing Fashion, Saggers to Sequins, at the Winter Games

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This time around, the theatricality and flamboyance that were once frowned upon or ridiculed have been embraced.

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