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The usual way of hunting dark matter may be all wrong

Added: 22.02.2018 21:35 | 0 views | 0 comments

If dark matter isn't heavy and interacts even weakly with normal matter, we should drag our detectors out from underground to catch it

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The love drug that could draw people away from any addiction

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The "cuddle chemical" oxytocin boosts social bonds. Soon a version of it will be tested in pill form to see if it can reset the brain wiring that gets us hooked


Is Killmonger's Costume In 'Black Panther' A Reference To Vegeta From 'Dragon Ball Z'?

Added: 22.02.2018 12:00 | 0 views | 0 comments

Now that Black Panther is released, anime fans have noticed that Killmonger’s costume bears an interesting resemblance to Vegeta and his armor from 'Dragon Ball Z'.

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Drake Has More Top 10 Hits Than Any Other Hip-Hop Artist

Added: 22.02.2018 9:05 | 0 views | 0 comments

Drake's top 10 hits keep adding up, and now he's bested even the most legendary hip-hop acts in at least one regard.

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New cholesterol calculation may avoid need to fast before testing, study suggests

Added: 21.02.2018 22:34 | 0 views | 0 comments

In a direct comparison study, researchers have added to evidence that a newer method of calculating so-called 'bad cholesterol' levels in the blood is more accurate than the older method in people who did not fast before blood was drawn.

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Senior Republican Calls for E.P.A. Chief’s First-Class Travel Files

Added: 21.02.2018 21:25 | 0 views | 0 comments

Scott Pruitt’s taxpayer-funded travel at the E.P.A. has drawn criticism, resulting in a Republican committee chairman to issue a demand for documents.


With last-minute cancellation of Gateway Pundit founder, drama once again unfolds ahead of CPAC

Added: 21.02.2018 18:48 | 1 views | 0 comments

The Conservative Political Action Conference hasn't even started and a snafu is once again stealing the limelight ahead of the annual event.


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