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US Jerusalem move: All the latest

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Here are the latest developments since Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Police arrest leaders of far-right group retweeted by Trump

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LONDON (AP) — Two leaders of a British far-right group that gained publicity when it was retweeted by U.S. President Donald Trump have been arrested for allegedly stirring up hatred. Britain First leader Paul Golding and his deputy Jayda Fransen were detained in Belfast after attending a court hearing for Fransen. She’s charged with hate [...]


Control of Virginia state House at stake as recounts begin

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Virginia officials started recounts on Wednesday in the first of four state House of Delegates races, a process that could lead to a Democratic takeover of the chamber after the party's historic election gains last month. Republicans have a narrow 51-49 majority in the House after Democrats erased a two-to-one advantage in November, part of the party's first big wave of victories since Republican Donald Trump won the White House last year. Four of the legislative races were close enough to lead to recounts.

David Cameron criticises Donald Trump for 'fake news' attacks on media

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David Cameron has joined the chorus criticising US President Donald Trump for his tirades against the media, saying his attacks on "fake news" was undermining democracy.  In his first public speech since stepping down after his failed attempt to win a vote to stay in the European Union last year, the former prime minister said Mr Trump was corrupting society and diverting attention from real abuses through his attacks on outlets like CNN and the BBC.  “President Trump: ‘fake news’ is not broadcasters criticising you, it's Russian bots and trolls targeting your democracy, pumping out untrue stories day after day, night after night,” Mr Cameron said at an anti-corruption lecture hosted by Transparency International and law firm Clifford Chance in London.  “When you misappropriate the term fake news, you are deflecting attention from real abuses. Ignoring what’s happening on social media is facilitating a form of corruption that is undermining democracy.” Mr Cameron championed the fight against corruption and pushed through legislation strengthening the hand of law enforcement officials. At a glance | The rise of fake news Now, he said, the problem was worsening. Taking aim at Russia, he suggested underhand tactics had been used by the country to win the right to stage the 2018 Fifa World Cup. “I am sure (President Vladimir Putin) wasn’t completely surprised when Russia actually won the bid. You couldn’t make it up. In the years since, 10 of the 22 members of that Fifa executive committee were indicted or punished.” Speaking tonight at @TransparencyUK#TILecture17 - Britain was first G20 country to set up open register of beneficial ownership. We must keep promoting transparency and fighting the battle against corruption.— David Cameron (@David_Cameron) December 13, 2017 He also said the EU had not done enough to fight Russia's attempts to interfere with Europe's democracies. “To be honest this is one area where, far from being too quick to act, the EU has been far too slow,” he added. “Barack Obama used to challenge European leaders over how we seemed to ignore or even tolerate Russian subversion of some eastern European business, energy, media or even political interests. He was bang on target.”  

China angered as U.S. considers navy visits to Taiwan

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China accused the United States on Thursday of interfering in its internal affairs and said it had lodged a complaint after U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law an act laying the groundwork for possible U.S. navy visits to self-ruled Taiwan. Tensions have risen in recent days after a senior Chinese diplomat threatened China would invade Taiwan if any U.S. warships made port visits to the island which China claims as its own territory.


Muslim leaders call on world to recognize East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

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Muslim leaders on Wednesday condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called on the world to respond by recognizing East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who hosted the summit of more than 50 Muslim countries in Istanbul, said the U.S. move meant Washington had forfeited its role as broker in efforts to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "From now on, it is out of the question for a biased United States to be a mediator between Israel and Palestine, that period is over," Erdogan said at the end of the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states.

Israel closes Gaza border crossings after Palestinian rocket strikes

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Israel announced the closure of its Gaza border crossings on Thursday in response to daily rocket fire from the enclave over the past week after U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital stoked Palestinian anger. Israeli aircraft struck three facilities belonging to Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, before dawn on Thursday after the latest rocket attacks, Israel's military said.


'Merry Christmas' greeting? Half of Americans don't care, survey says

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December 14, 2017 10:58 PM
NEW YORK (WASHINGTON) - As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump complained that the greeting "Merry Christmas" had fallen out of vogue. People would be saying it again once he took office, he promised.


PolitiFact's Lie Of The Year: Donald Trump And 'This Russia Thing'

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PolitiFact on Tuesday revealed its 2017 “Lie of the Year,” focusing on how President Donald Trump has regularly disputed whether Russia interfered in last year’s election and questioned the widely held conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies, which he has frequently undermined and dismissed as “political hacks.”


Lindsey Vonn says she doesn't want to represent Donald Trump at Olympics

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Olympic skier tells CNN that she would not accept an invitation to the White House.


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