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Molecules in spit may be able to diagnose, predict length of concussions

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Diagnosing a concussion can sometimes be a guessing game, but clues taken from small molecules in saliva may be able to help diagnose and predict the duration of concussions in children, according to researchers.

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Diabetes drug helps repair UV-damaged DNA in cells of 'Moon children'

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The severe and debilitating genetic disease Xeroderma pigmentosum impedes cells to repair UV-induced DNA damage. Scientists found a drug approved for diabetes treatment to alleviate the impact of the gene defect in cell culture, which led to the discovery of a previously unknown DNA repair mechanism.


The Detour’s Natalie Zea Hopes She’s a Better Mom Than Her ‘Crazy, F*cked Up’ Character

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At Vulture Festival Los Angeles this past weekend, Detour stars Jason Jones and Natalie Zea revealed that playing on-the-run parents Nate and Robin for three seasons has possibly created a too free-and-easy approach to parenting their real-life children.“Jason has said, ‘There is now no difference between you and your character,’” ...


Brimstone and Glory Is a Dizzying, Poetic Ode to the Art of Explosions

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The link between fireworks and warfare is one of the first examples of symbolism many Americans encounter as children. We enjoy the hallucinatory spectacle of the Fourth of July while being reminded that the pretty displays stand for bombs and guns and bloodshed. Indulging in an annual pretend reminder of ...


A billionaire wages war on poverty in Oklahoma

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Inside a sun-splashed classroom, George Kaiser folds his lanky frame into a tiny plastic chair next to a blue mat. Mr. Kaiser is the billionaire benefactor behind this and other preschools for the poorest children in Tulsa, Okla., and he’s the reason why this classroom looks the way it does – cozy nooks, fairy lights, play kitchens, books everywhere – and has two certified early education teachers.


Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time Trailer Goes in Search of Warriors

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Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time Trailer Goes in Search of Warriors
The second trailer for Ava DuVernay's adaptation of the classic children's sci-fi fantasy A Wrinkle in Times goes heavy on the interstellar action.


New cell therapy for relapsed leukemia patients, suggested by clinical trial

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A significant proportion of children and young adults with treatment-resistant B-cell leukemia who participated in a small study achieved remission with the help of a new form of gene therapy, according to researchers.


This is Britain: new photography book celebrates Brits' daily lives

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The perfect coffee table companion - and all profits go to BBC Children in Need

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Flu vaccine prevents hospitalization in children, study shows

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Children vaccinated against influenza are significantly less likely to experience serious complications from the virus that could land them in hospital, new research has found.

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