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How do neural support cells affect nerve function?

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Glial cells may modulate the release of neurotransmitters -- chemicals that relay signals between nerve cells -- by increasing the acidity of the extracellular environment.

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Eco-Friendly Insulation Offers Thermal Performance, Sound Absorption and Fire Resistance at the Same Time

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With the aim of promoting more efficient ways to isolate and protect building envelopes, the Chilean team has developed Thermoroot; a biodegradable and 100% natural insulation made from roots without genetic modifications or chemical additives. These roots make up what the company is calling a Radicular Mattress which, in addition to thermally and acoustically insulating the walls, floors, and ceilings of buildings, it is fire resistant.


Chemical cluster could transform energy storage for large electrical grids

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Researchers believe they have found a promising compound that could transform the energy storage landscape. The compound has properties that make it an ideal candidate material for redox flow batteries.


New tool tells bioengineers when to build microbial teams

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Researchers have created a framework for helping bioengineers determine when to use multiple lines of cells to manufacture a product. The work could help a variety of industries that use bacteria to produce chemicals ranging from pharmaceuticals to fragrances.


PFASs, chemicals commonly found in environment, may interfere with body weight regulation

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A class of chemicals used in many industrial and consumer products was linked with greater weight gain after dieting, particularly among women, according to a new study. The chemicals -- perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) -- have been linked with cancer, hormone disruption, immune dysfunction, high cholesterol, and obesity.


MWC 2018: Smell-sensing CAT 61 smartphone sniffs out glue

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A phone that can detect the "smell" of chemicals has been unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018.


Singapore-flagged tanker attacked off Somalia but escapes

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An international anti-piracy force says a Singapore-flagged chemical tanker has exchanged fire with attackers off the coast of Somalia before escaping unharmed.


Addicted to tech? A brain chemical imbalance may be to blame

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A study of Korean teenagers suggests a brain chemical imbalance can be a sign of tech addiction. But is it really possible to be addicted to your smartphone?


Water filtration breakthrough using metal-organic frameworks

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With two billion people worldwide lacking access to clean and safe drinking water, new research may offer a breakthrough solution. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), a next-generation material with the largest internal surface area of any known substance, can be used to capture, store and release chemical compounds -- in this case, the salt and ions in sea water.

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