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EU at war: The member states REFUSING to pay Brussels more after Brexit

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ONLY 14 EU member states have agreed to pay to the union's vast budget as bloc officials attempt to recover the damage caused by the UK’s decision to leave.

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The end of the EU is their aim

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EU negotiators beware. At least some of those on the other side of the table from you don’t just want Britain to leave the EU. They want to see the end of the EU altogether. That’s been the aim of prominent Brexit campaigners from the start. And it’s certainly the aim of the guy who […]

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Barriers and tariffs on British exports after Brexit

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Many Brexiteers still do not understand the difference between “after the referendum” and “after Brexit”. If there was an increase in British exports as a result of the value of the pound falling following the EU referendum in June 2016, then people need to remember that the UK’s economy at that time was still acting […]


EU's £24bn BOMBSHELL: Lithuania admits Brexit cost is DOUBLE the previous estimate

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ONE-FIFTH of the EU budget will be lost when Britain leaves the bloc, according to the Lithuanian head of state, who warned that difficult decisions will have to be made to make up this significant loss.

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Churchill Nostalgia Takes A Hold In The U.K.

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As the British government is divided over Brexit, and Prime Minister Theresa May is criticized for weak leadership, some British citizens are nostalgic for Winston Churchill's authority and vision.

British seafood: On the menu after Brexit?

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Could trading terms after Brexit see more Brits eating cuttlefish, spider crabs and gurnards?


Italian election: How Brexit-fan Matteo Salvini is on course to be EU’s next NIGHTMARE

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ITALIAN election front-runner Matteo Salvini has pledged in his party’s manifesto to be a thorn in the European Union’s side, which he dubbed ‘a strong and fearsome enemy’.


Brexit news latest: Theresa May's blueprint attacked by EU officials, and rebellion grown over customs union

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Theresa May faces the threat of another Tory rebellion over Brexit as EU leaders are due to meet to discuss the impact of Britain's withdrawal on its budget.


Marine Le Pen's niece tells Trump supporters: We want our country back too

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Marine Le Pen's niece has echoed Donald Trump as she called for a “France first” agenda and told US right-wingers: “Just like you, we want our country back.” Marion Maréchal-Le Pen cited Mr Trump’s election victory and the Brexit vote in 2016 as inspiration for France to distance itself from the European Union (EU).  She used an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday to praise the US president’s success in putting conservatism at the top of the political agenda.  And she claimed the French youth is right-leaning and believers in national identity as she issued a call to arms for the populist revolution.  “Let me be clear here. I’m not offended when I hear President Donald Trump say ‘America first’,” Ms Le Pen said.  “In fact, I want America first for the American people, I want Britain first for the British people and I want France first for the French people." Ms Le Pen, a 28-year-old National Front politician whose aunt led the party in last year’s election, had faced controversy over her appearance from the US media given her hardline views.  Taking to the stage, she joked away the row, saying she was “less terrifying” than the US newspapers had portrayed.  In a 10-minute speech which saw mentions of the EU booed by the right-wing crowd, Ms Le Pen suggested she wanted to repeat in France what Mr Trump had achieved in America.  “Just like you, we want our country back. I came here to tell you that there is a youth ready for this fight in Europe today,” she said.  “A youth who believes in hard work, who believe the flag means something, who want to preserve individual freedom and private property.” Ms Le Pen repeatedly criticised the EU for “slowly killing” nation states and warned over the impact of “political correctness” and “massive immigration” in France.  “The last two years have shown one thing: Never underestimate the people,” she said.  Ms Le Pen continued:“When the people are given the opportunity to take their country back, they will seize it. “Through your actions and your talents, you have succeeded in putting conservatism right back to the top of the political agenda.  “Let us build on what you have achieved here so that both sides on the Atlantic a conservative agenda will remain.”

‘We STUFFED the establishment!’ Farage receives OVATION as Trump fans praise ‘Mr Brexit'

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NIGEL Farage has received a standing ovation at the CPAC summit in America after giving a passionate speech in favour of Donald Trump and Brexit.


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