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Brain size of human ancestors evolved gradually over 3 million years

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Modern humans have brains that are more than three times larger than our closest living relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos. Scientists don't agree on when and how this dramatic increase took place, but new analysis of 94 hominin fossils shows that average brain size increased gradually and consistently over the past three million years.


The ‘Fierce’ People Of Venezuela Have To Be Fierce To Resist The Eagle’s Talons

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Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling When anthropologists first arrived to study and observe the Yanomami tribes of Venezuela‘s Orinoco River, they had to hang their hammocks inside the shabono and lie there quietly until they were approached and threatened by a headsman or village member. Even as more shouts and threats came, they couldn’t blink or move. Consequently, the Yanomami, who believed men descended from drops of blood spilled on the dirt in a struggle between mythical beings after Earth’s formation, thought violent confrontation between individuals and neighboring villages was the natural order. Since then, the Yanomami were given the reputation as being the fierce...


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