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Row erupts as rail passengers unable to book cheap advance tickets because of timetable delay

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A row has erupted after rail customers have been prevented from purchasing cheap train tickets well in advance due to a delay in confirming timetables.

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2nd exam finds teens competent for trial in fatal rock toss

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Three Michigan teens who underwent a second mental exam in the case of a man who was killed when a rock crashed through his windshield have been found competent for trial.


Sufjan Stevens to Perform at the Oscars, Make a Room of Actors Blubber

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Oh, to see without our eyes: Sufjan Stevens is going to the Oscars and he won’t just be there to look lovely in Gucci. The Academy has announced its list of performers and, yes, Sufjan will sing his nominated Call Me by Your Name song “Mystery of Love.” (Lucky for ...


Eating fish as a child seems to protect you from hay fever

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Infants who eat fish are less likely to develop hay fever later on, a finding that suggests changing diets have played a role in rising allergy rates


Civil engineers devise a cost-saving solution for cities

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Why fix a road today if it's slated to be ripped up for new sewers next summer?


Chevy Chase Calls BS on Claim He Threw a Punch in Road Rage Incident

Added: 22.02.2018 16:27 | 1 views | 0 comments

Chevy Chase is calling BS on his alleged attacker's claim he threw a punch during a road rage incident, because he says he couldn't even lift his arm at the time. We broke the story ... Chevy says he got kicked in the right shoulder during a...


TV licence fee set to rise for second year in a row

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The annual TV licence fee is set to increase for the second year in a row, it has been announced.

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Cholesterol crystals are sure sign a heart attack may loom

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A new study on 240 emergency room patients shows just how much of a role a person's cholesterol plays, when in a crystallized state, during a heart attack.

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Denali National Park Gets its First Luxury Hotel

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The luxury Sheldon Chalet is perched on a rock peak just 10 miles from the summit of Denali.

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Is The Market Vulnerable? Let Me Count The Ways

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I will show you 5 pictures that all lead me to the same conclusion: while the broad stock and bond markets can go further to the upside for longer than any of us can imagine, the level of risk to those who simply stand by and root for a continuation of the last decade’s tailwinds is huge.


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