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Pensioner angry about Merkel's immigration policy stabs three migrants in Germany

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A MAN in his seventies has been accused of a “politically motivated” attack after allegedly stabbing three asylum seekers with a knife in southwest Germany because he was angry about Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.


Israel Gives Some Asylum Seekers A Choice: Deportation Or Jail

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Israel's plan to force African migrants to choose between deportation — with a cash stipend — or jail has sparked a backlash.


Italy helps integrate asylum seekers through training schemes

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Italy is one of Europe's main arrival points for migrants, but processing each asylum request can take up to two years. That's a long period of forced idleness for asylum seekers. In response, the Italian government has decided to spend €50 million over two years on professional training schemes for refugees and asylum seekers. Our correspondents report from Bologna, where the new arrivals are learning about cooking and fashion.


Israel jails first asylum seekers refusing deportation

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Israel has jailed seven Eritrean asylum seekers after they refused to be deported to Rwanda, human rights groups say.


Migrant crisis in EU's own backyard: Brussels savaged over treatment of refugees

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BRUSSELS is facing a migrant crisis in its own back yard it has emerged, as the European Union continues to disagree over a replacement for the bloc's policy on refugees and asylum seekers.


Canada deports North Korean asylum seekers

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Nearly 2,000 have been sent away since 2013 because the government says they lied on their asylum application forms.


Israel is not a 'place of refuge'

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Contrary to media claims, Israel is not "betraying" its history by deporting asylum seekers. It's continuing it.


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