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Corporate partners cut cord with NRA as gun control debate rages

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The fallout over this week's shooting rampage at a Florida high school started to take its toll on National Rifle Association's roster of corporate partners on Friday as a half dozen companies severed marketing ties with the gun advocacy organization. The exodus of corporate names, ranging from a major insurer to car rental brands and a household moving company, occurred after the NRA launched a counter-offensive against a student-led campaign for tighter U.S. gun ownership laws. At the same time, gun control activists are stepping up pressure on Inc and other online streaming platforms to drop the online video channel NRATV, featuring gun-friendly programming produced by the NRA.


Corporate partners cut cord with NRA as ground shifts in gun debate

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More than half a dozen U.S. companies have abruptly cut ties with the National Rifle Association as gun safety activists on Friday intensified calls for a boycott in the wake of last week's Florida high school massacre. Inc and other online streaming platforms are also facing demands to drop the online video channel NRATV, featuring programming produced by the group. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, founded after 20 first-graders were shot and killed at a school in Connecticut in December 2012, sent letters to Apple Inc , AT&T Inc , Amazon, Alphabet Inc's Google and Roku Inc on Friday, asking them to drop NRATV from their products.


Gun safety groups want Apple TV and Amazon Fire to pull NRATV

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Two gun safety groups want Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku to remove the NRA's online video channel from their streaming platforms.


The Year With No Cashier? Amazon Reportedly Planning To Open More Amazon Go Stores This Year

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In our 18 Retail Trends for ’18 report, we noted that we expected to see more automated, cashier-free stores in 2018. Then, on Thursday this week, Recode reported that Amazon plans to open as many as six more Amazon Go stores by the end of 2018. Read more about the future of cashierless stores.

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'The Tick' bites back on Amazon with a solid second half

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The final six episodes of "The Tick" reboot's first season are here, and they're proof even a resistant Tick purist can be converted.

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Could the Tick beat the Hulk in a fight? video

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We asked the stars of Amazon's "The Tick" reboot which superheroes Tick and Arthur are stronger (and weaker) than. Could Tick take on Hulk? Is Arthur weaker than Jimmy Olsen?

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Amazfit Bip review: $100 smartwatch with integrated GPS and 45-day battery life

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There is still plenty of room for growth in the wearable market and with Pebble no longer around offering reasonably priced watches with long battery life there is a place for another competitor. The Amazfit Bip surprised me with its capability and affordable $100 price.

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Massive EA Origin game sale slashes prices on Battlefield, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and more

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Now's a great time to snag EA games on the cheap. The gaming giant is running a massive "Publisher sale" on its  storefront and Amazon through March 6, with more than 50 games and DLC packs discounted heavily. Let's look at some of the highlights.
is $10. didn't think it was a particularly great game, but still called it "eminently playable," and you'll get a lot of hours out of your tenner. If you missed the legendary original series, you can dip your toe in the Mass Effect waters with the .


Is Fast-Rising stockof Amazon Still A Buy?

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Amazon continues to pursue a multi-platform approach to dominating the $1.3 trillion US grocery market.

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